Is California’s Drought Man-Made by Climate Wokies?

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Did California really have to suffer through water restrictions and shortages these past couple of years, or are climate alarmists artificially manufacturing and prolonging the crisis through incompetence and misspent funds?

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) recently released a five-year plan with three prime focuses for its State Water Project, mainly, “three intersecting themes: addressing climate urgency, strengthening watershed resilience, and achieving equity in water management.” California’s human population of some 40 million and its productive and important agricultural system are reportedly not the top priorities, as they should be. In fact, according to an opinion piece in The Epoch Times, it seems as if fish are a bigger priority for California leftists than people are.

Author Roger Canfield explained on Epoch Times on April 30 why he and California farmers believe the water crisis in the woke state is man-made:


Over several decades, the public has been deceived into voting for water bonds that have little new water in them—phony promises to build new water storage and aqueducts. About 12 percent of bond funds are spent on new water storage. The rest of the bond funds have been squandered on scores of local and special-interest environmental projects, e.g., tearing down four Klamath-area dams—killing fish to save them—and opposing substantial new water projects, e.g., raising Shasta Dam and building Auburn Dam.

Further, by California law, water must be equitably distributed, pumped “equally”—half to human beings (if you count agriculture) and half to fish (the water-short Pacific Ocean, 187 quadrillion gallons). During the big rains of 2024, about 90 percent of the water was flushed to the Pacific through the gills of perhaps a half dozen delta smelt.

For two winters, plenteous rain ultimately created what Canfield called a “deluge of 2024 water.” Instead of preparing to deal with and collect the water, California was caught totally unprepared, and flooding and landslides ensued. Yet all the wokies in California (falsely) determined from that disaster was that “climate change” is destroying the planet and that more money should be squandered on useless or harmful climate projects.


As Canfield noted, much bigger storms were occurring long before SUVs and modern industrial society, so leftists’ focus on supposed man-made “climate change” is ideology rather than science. Meanwhile, according to Canfield, the state’s reservoirs are full, yet insufficient water is still being allocated for agriculture and citizens are restricted in their water use. Californians used to build aqueducts and dams. Now they spend billions and waste water “restoring” salmon runs or breaking down dams. It’s insanity.

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“California demands that its residents take a water conservation pledge: And to the utopia for which it stands,” Canfield concluded. “Neighbors turn neighbors in for ‘wasting’ water, not to mention life, liberty, and property.” The lack of water for human use in California is completely unnecessary and man-made. But manufactured crises are a hallmark of leftist policymaking.

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