Missouri man slashes woman’s face with machete, according to police

A man in St. Louis County attacked a woman and slashed her in the face with a machete during a domestic abuse incident, according to Missouri police.

Police said they were called a residence on Ashby Road in St. Ann over a domestic dispute that allegedly turned violent.

Arrest records said that 40-year-old Wesley Clark refused to leave the residence and then attacked the woman. She says that he pushed her onto a couch, threatened her with a machete and told her, “I’m going to send you to your grandma,” referring to the woman’s deceased relative.

Police said he cut her with the machete and left a scar from her ear to her jaw line measuring between six and seven inches.

The woman called police, and the man fled from the home. Police said they found Clark sitting by himself on a park bench and talking on a cellphone. They arrested him and were able to recover the machete.

“I think this victim deserves a lot of credit for actually standing up and being able to talk about her incident and being able to report this and wanting to prosecute and wanting to cooperate with law enforcement to help her get out of this situation,” said St. Ann Police Det. Lt. Monica Ruelas to KMOV-TV.

The man was charged with first-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action. The woman was transported to a hospital, where she received stitches for the injury.

Wesley allegedly admitted to police that he had been in the home and attacked the woman with the machete.

Police said they had been previously called to the residence for other domestic violence incidents between Clark and the victim.

Wesley remained in custody at the St. Louis County Jail despite being given a $100,000 bond with GPS monitoring.

St. Ann is a city of about 13,000 residents located in the northeast part of the state.

A similar case unfolded in Houston when a man attacked his sister and mother with a machete in February. Neighbors in the apartment complex said they heard the screams from the victims during the attack.

News video from the scene showed a gruesome bloody aftermath, including footprints in blood.

Here’s a news report about the incident:

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