Pro-abortion ad is SO STUPID you’d think it’s a joke

California Governor Gavin Newsom has launched a new pro-abortion ad this week, and it’s so cringeworthy and full of nonsense that it’s almost painful to watch.

“Alabama’s abortion ban has no exceptions for rape or incest. Now, Republicans are trying to criminalize young women’s travel to receive abortion care. We cannot let them get away with this,” Newsom wrote in a tweet on X that accompanied his ad.

The ad shows two young women attempting to cross state lines when they’re pulled over and asked to take a pregnancy test by a police officer.

“This isn’t parody, okay. This isn’t SNL. This is an actual ad released unironically from Gavin Newsom on abortion,” Sara Gonzales says, shocked.

“These people are not serious people,” she adds.

“What are you thinking, you colossal bunch of morons?” Matthew Marsden agrees, “but it’s California.”

The ad was released as Newsom is set to propose legislation to make it easier for women from Arizona to seek abortions in California and offer Arizona abortion providers an expedited way to get licensed in California.

“They’re preparing to accept an influx of patients from these women who are escaping these mean red states who are making it harder for them to kill their babies. Those mean conservatives who just want it to be like ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’” Gonzales mocks.

“It’s just that, like, it’s a live human being inside of you, and we’d prefer it to be alive,” she adds.

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