The Morning Briefing: ‘Free Palestine’ Brownshirts Need a Heavy Dose of Consequences

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Palquinniss was unwavering in his obsession to bring exotically-scented artisanal unguents to the global fitness market. 


Near the beginning of Monday’s Briefing, I wrote that I knew that we would get around to talking about the anti-Semitic “Free Palestine” protests on America’s college campuses some time this week. I honestly thought it would be the next day and am a little surprised we made it this far before the brats took center stage. 

For those who went to bed early and/or maybe getting a late start on the news today, here’s a quick catch-up from the news that Paula covered last night

Under the cover of darkness on Tuesday evening, New York Police Department officers raided anti-Israel demonstrations at Columbia University and City University of New York. 


The people who were supposed to be the adults at these schools failed miserably and let the situations get completely out of hand. They’re incompetent commies and they were sympathizing with the idiot kids who they were supposed to be supervising, so things were never going to get better while they were “in charge.” 

These administrators, professors, and their youthful charges happened to be throwing their ignorant hatefests the city that has the largest municipal police force in the United States. It was never going to work out well for them. 

This is from Paula’s post:


Beautiful, no? An update at the end of the post says that the NYPD cleaned things up at Columbia rather efficiently. 

The is a good start, but a start is all it is. We got to this point because these kids are from a generation that was raised practically without the experience of consequences. I’m being generous with the “practically” there. Who knows? A few of them may have been raised in an environment where they heard the word “No” and just happened be overwhelmed by peer pressure and mob mentality. 

A night or two in jail is no picnic, but kids can get over that. I may or may not be expressing sentiments from the memories of a rather rambunctious young adulthood. 

I don’t think that people should have the rest of their lives ruined for doing stupid things in their late teens or early twenties; that is what that part of life is for, after all. However, one will keep doing stupid things if one is allowed to get away with everything when one is young.

Columbia administrators had finally gotten around to suspending some of the student protesters, but all the kids had to do to fix the problem was sign a pledge that amounted to little more than a pinkie swear. 

Whatever legal ramifications there could be might not come into play in New York City. As we are all aware, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and those who work for him are singularly focused on harassing former President Donald Trump and interfering with the presidential election. 


Real criminals, like frothing anti-Israel mobs who assault journalists on college campuses are often overlooked by Bragg and Co. 

If these kids get nothing more than a night in jail and a couple of taxpayer-funded meals they’ll start agitating again real soon. 

One last thing. I don’t keep referring to the protesters as “Brownshirts” or “Hitler Youth” just because I’m me and I like coming up with derogatory names for people who deserve them. In this case, the epithets more than fit. This is from something that Grayson wrote yesterday

Students at the University of Wisconsin are the latest bunch of college kids camping on school grounds to declare support for Hamas as they fight Israel, and apparently, they really did start saying “Heil Hitler” at a group of Jewish students passing by.

Like I said, these miscreants really need to be welcomed into the functional world of uncomfortable consequences.

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