You Won’t Believe What RFK Jr. Said About ‘Red State People’

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I’m not sure how many times I need to say this, but if you’re a conservative and you’re contemplating voting for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., you need to wake up. Despite the fact you might like a couple of his positions, he is overwhelmingly a garden-variety Democrat — which these days is a radical leftist. 


I’ve previously highlighted his extreme positions on various issues, but today I want to call attention to something Kennedy said about “red state people,” which is just an indirect way of referring to conservative Americans, back in 2005.

In the speech, Kennedy spoke about something he wrote for Vanity Fair, and he “went out and looked” at whether red states or blue states were more moral. He concluded that “red state people are more likely to murder you, to impregnate your teenage daughter, to commit a violent crime, against you to commit a nonviolent crime against you, to watch Desperate Housewives on TV, to buy pornography to buy, you know, degenerate video games like Grand Theft Auto.”

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According to Kennedy, his “research” concluded that there is “no moral difference between red states and blue states” in the way that many people believe there is. “But — and I’ve known this for a long time,” he continued, “because I go every year, and I do about 40 speeches, to red state audience/Republican audiences. And I get standing ovations at almost every one.”


Kennedy continued:

There’s no difference between the reaction I get from liberal college kids and red state audiences because I’m talking about basic American values. And you know, the only difference is that afterwards, the Republican audiences come up and say, “How come I never heard any of this before?” And you know, I have to say, “It’s because you’re watching Fox News.” And this confirmed what I have been saying for many years, is that 80% of Republicans are just Democrats don’t know what’s going on.

In short, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. thinks that conservatives are stupid, and if they only watched CNN and MSNBC, and listened to NPR, they’d be more informed and vote Democrat. You don’t have conservative values; you’re just a leftist who has been brainwashed into voting for Republicans. 

For one thing, we’ve this kind of deceptive “research” before. Democrats often cite statewide statistics on crime, murder, divorce, and even abortion to claim that these are all more prevalent in red states, without considering where in red states they are happening. Even the reddest of red states have deep blue cities, where, like other population centers nationwide, murder, crime, and other such things tend to happen at higher rates. 


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According to Kennedy, if a red state has a high divorce or murder rate, it’s a reflection of the overall state’s political leanings and not at all connected to geography and economic conditions, which are unrelated to how the entire state votes.

The most insulting part of what he said was when he claimed that Republicans are just Democrats who are too stupid to know they are left-leaning because they watch Fox News. Yes, this video may be nearly twenty years old, but Kennedy thinks that Republicans are just uninformed Democrats who have been brainwashed by conservative media.

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