Biden’s lawfare against Trump can’t hide his ABYSMAL polling

Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are pulling out all the stops to get Donald Trump behind bars instead of behind the desk in the Oval Office — but that isn’t stopping Biden from falling in the polls.

“The fact that he keeps telling us that he’s doing a good job proves that he has dementia,” Stu Burguiere jokes, noting that according to a recent Gallup poll, President Joe Biden is now the least popular president in 70 years, below even Nixon and Carter.

“And really, most embarrassingly of course for the left, behind even Donald Trump at this point in his presidency,” Stu says.

While Dwight D. Eisenhower tops the list at a 73.2% approval rating, Joe Biden finishes it off at a 38.7% approval rating. But that’s not the only poll in which Biden isn’t looking so good.

Even a recent CNN poll admits that Trump is maintaining his lead over Biden in the 2024 matchup.

While CNN reports that Trump support in the poll among registered voters holds at a steady 49%, Joe Biden sits at 43%.

“Now that’s true. A true statement from CNN,” Stu says, shocked.

Stu believes this is all a good sign for Trump.

“The most clear advantage for Donald Trump is the advantage of time heals all wounds,” Stu says. “If this election was held in February 2021, Donald Trump would have been slaughtered in this election.”

“It’s not the way that it is now; time has come. What we’ve had is three years of Joe Biden being bad, and Donald Trump being pretty much nothing,” he adds.

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