ICC prosecutors interview hospital staff in Gaza to gather evidence of Israeli war crimes

ICC prosecutors interview hospital staff in Gaza to gather evidence of Israeli war crimes

As part of their investigation into the alleged war crimes of the Benjamin Netanyahu regime in Israel, the International Criminal Court (ICC) is holding meetings with Al-Shifa and Al-Nasser, Gaza’s two largest hospitals.

As we have been reporting, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) repeatedly targeted Al-Shifa and Al-Nasser with bombings, claiming terrorists are hiding out inside the facilities alongside patients. ICC prosecutors are taking the time to listen to testimony from hospital staff about what they say has been happening.

On April 29, two unnamed sources reportedly told Reuters more about these latest developments. One of them revealed that the IDF’s operations in and around both hospitals could officially become an ICC investigation all on its own.

The ICC prosecutor’s office is not commenting yet on the operational aspect of its current investigation because it says doing so could put the safety of witnesses and victims at risk of retaliation by Israel and its supporters.

Just to be clear, the ICC is investigating both sides of the conflict as part of a neutral effort to get to the bottom of what is actually happening versus what the mostly Zionist-controlled media claims is happening.

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The IDF holocaust in Gaza

You may recall from our earlier reporting that Al-Shifa hospital was invaded by the Israeli army last November. Israeli troops evacuated hospital staff at gunpoint before turning the entire facility into a forced detention center.

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Israel attacked Al-Shifa a second time on March 18, killing hundreds of people as part of a two-week military operation.

In February, IDF stormed Khan Yunis’ Al-Nasser hospital, killing several people, including patients. This prompted Palestinian rescue workers to call for urgent probes and international intervention after hundreds of bodies, many of them so mangled that they are now unidentifiable, were found in mass graves near both hospitals.

“Some of the bodies found showed signs of torture and execution,” reported The Cradle. “Other bodies had missing organs. Among the corpses found at the mass graves were those of children and elderly persons.”

This is the type of sick, inhumane stuff we were all taught about in the history books concerning the so-called Holocaust during World War II. Ironically, what Israel is doing to the people of Gaza is like a Holocaust 2.0, complete with executions, mass graves and forced detention.

What the ICC has uncovered so far is enough that its investigators are reportedly planning to issue arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and numerous other alleged war criminals, including Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

According to reports, Netanyahu is freaking out about the possibility that he will be tried and prosecuted for committing crimes against humanity. He is petitioning his puppets in Washington, D.C., to do something to shield him from having to face justice.

A bipartisan coalition of both Republican and Democrat lawmakers is threatening “retaliation” against the ICC if it proceeds with trying to hold Netanyahu, Gallant and the rest accountable for their war crimes.

“Legislation to that effect is already in the works,” said U.S. officials to Axios on April 29.

“This is Vietnam all over again,” one commenter wrote, offering an expanded perspective. “They justify the murder of innocent people while they demonize the people protesting their war crimes.”

Another wrote that the local Gestapo, i.e., Zionist-controlled police forces, are doing their part as well to shield war criminals from public scrutiny.

What Israel is doing is the opposite of what Jesus would do. Learn more at Evil.news.

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