Jase has a ‘stop the chariot’ moment with the Smallbones & encouraging Christian artists

There was a point in Christian history when the church was the epicenter of art, but that has unfortunately changed.

However, there is a glimmer of hope — and Jase Robertson sees it in films like “Unsung Hero,” which is based on a true story about the Smallbones family.

“Every once in awhile, you meet people who you just can’t help but see that they love Jesus and they want to get him out in the world,” Jase says, adding, “and since we’re kind of traveling in that same circle, I just want to support and help what they’re doing.”

Alan is in agreement, telling Phil, Zach, and Jase, “We’ve turned the corner on filmmaking for faith films and telling great stories.”

“I think that movies like this, where Jesus loving people make a movie in our culture, and everything we do see around in our world sometimes is really bad, I think these are the times where the Church of Jesus should stop the chariot and go support this movie,” Jase adds.

Zach has noticed that while the church is no longer the epicenter of art, there is a movement toward gaining back that ground that is growing.

“I love the fact that the church in the last 20 years has been like, ‘Wait a second, we need to be involved in the arts. We need to be involved in philosophy. We need to be involved in culture at every level if we’re truly kingdom people.’ So, I love it,” he says.

“And let’s face it,” he continues, “we are shaped by the stories that we entertain ourselves with; we are shaped by the music that we listen to; we are shaped by the books that we read; and so, we need to be in these spaces telling a better story, a bigger story that really transcends this cultural moment and moves people closer to who God is.”

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