Mike Lee gets poetic, hammers the ‘Uniparty’ with haikus

Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah has been riffing on the idea of the “Uniparty,” the notion that Republicans and Democrats join together to advance big government objectives, much to the chagrin of conservatives.

“Conservatives: ‘You’re spending too much and enacting the Dems’ priorities. Our voters hate it,'” Lee wrote in a post illustrating the “Uniparty” issue.

“The Uniparty™️: ‘You’re being mean & uncivil,'” he added.

“Conservatives: ‘It’s neither mean nor uncivil to note that you voted for things we promised to oppose,'” Lee wrote.

“The Uniparty™️: ‘Extremists!'” he concluded his post.

Lee has even been posting haikus on the topic. A haiku involves three lines, with the first having five syllables, the second containing seven syllables, and the third having five syllables, according to britannica.com.

“Printing money fast. Uniparty’s grip tightens. Americans pay,” Lee tweeted, adding the hashtag, “#UnipartyHaiku.”

In a post that has been deleted, Lee had included a haiku that read, “Unitards are nuts. They steal the souls of many. Sapping our freedom.”

“Unitards in bloom. Draining your hard-earned savings. The press will praise them,” Lee had written in another post that has been deleted.

“After considerable reflection, I’ve decided that both the symbol and the ‘demonym’ I’ll attach to The Uniparty™️ is this majestic creature—the unicorn,” Lee announced. “While other options exist, none get the job done like this one. It’s a symbol. It’s a nickname. It’s the Uniparty Unicorn™️.”

Lee posted altered versions of the two deleted haiku posts that had used the term “Unitards.”

“Unicorns are nuts. They steal the souls of many. Sapping our freedom,” he tweeted. “Unicorns in haste. Draining your hard-earned savings. The press will praise them,” he wrote in another post.

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