NewsBusters Podcast: The Lingo Games with ‘Pro-Palestinian Protesters’

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One of the ways you can always sense media bias is the terminology that the media elite decides to adopt en masse. Colleges are being occupied by “pro-Palestinian protesters,” and you can’t (accurately) call them “anti-Israel,” not to mention “pro-Hamas.” Liberals paint other liberals as pro-everything good, and the conservatives are anti-everything good. Anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-government, anti-tax. All of this is messaging, like advertising slogans.

This tendency is especially transparent on the “culture war” issues. Killing a baby is “abortion care.” Seeking an amputation is “gender-affirming care.” Florida adopting a six-week abortion ban is portrayed as very “restrictive.” The media will use the word “protections” for whatever policies they support, like Democrats passing “protections for gender-affirming care.” They’ll call liberalized abortion law “protections,” when the baby is clearly not protected. 

Reporters casually pass along that leftists call trans surgeries “life-saving.” They’ll even call abortions “life-saving.” On the PBS NewsHour, they filed a story that used the term “gender-affirming care” ten times, and nowhere in the report did anyone take exception to that term or anything else the transgender lobby is seeking to accomplish. It wasn’t surprising, given the expert in the segment was NPR health reporter Selena Simmons-Duffin, who has filed one-sided stories in favor of abortion and the abortion lobby.

Ex-NPR senior editor Uri Berliner appeared with Chris Cuomo on NewsNation and insisted “I think that really, NPR has a lot of soul searching to do about representing the country at large. Being a publicly funded news organization and really trying to represent this country in all its great diversity and viewpoints.” Berliner is no longer at NPR because almost no one in public radio believes that the taxpayer subsidies should encourage NPR to be fair and balanced. No one at NPR wants that, or if they do, they’ll be sidelined like Berliner.

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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