PROPAGANDA: CBS Airs Gazan Kids Thanking U.S. Campus Protester-Vandals

Tonight’s CBS Evening News dispatch from Gaza included a pretty blatant piece of propaganda: a group of children thanking American campus protesters for their “protests and solidarity”. 

Watch as correspondent Ramy Inocencio introduces this moment of thanks to American pro-Hamas useful idiots and other leftists demanding that the universities accommodate their BDS demands.

RAMY INOCENCIO: And for the first time, aid started flowing through a reopened border crossing destroyed on October 7th. As Gazans rallied to thank U.S. university students for their protests and solidarity. 

The report was otherwise your normalish dispatch from Gaza. A mention of the tension between the Biden and Netanyahu administrations, respectively, over a potential Blinken-brokered ceasefire, allowing for prisoner exchanges. There’s Blinken fretting over a potential IDF invasion of Rafah, and Bibi saying he’s doing it no matter what. Petty standard stuff.

There was also the quick interview of a hostage family wherein they firmly demanded something be done in furtherance of the incarceration of hostages. Again, pretty standard stuff.

Standard stuff until the kids with signs get trotted out, with their entirely organic artwork and proper university logos. Totally spontaneous, I’m sure. Notice the children bring guided by their “adults”

Seriously, who at CBS thought it was a good idea to air pro-Hamas and pro-student rioter propaganda? It is very brief but serves its purpose. Ultimately, the net effect of this video will be to embolden pro-Hamas protesters in the U.S. to ratchet up their efforts.

An otherwise unremarkable report on the state of affairs in Gaza was made remarkable by the willful broadcasting of pro-Hamas propaganda.

Click “expand” to view the full transcript of the aforementioned report as aired on the CBS Evening News on Wednesday, May 1st, 2024:

JAMES BROWN: Secretary of State Antony Blinken was back in Israel today for the seventh time since the war with Hamas began last October. Blinken is pushing hard for a stop to the fighting, but CBS’s Ramy Inocencio reports from Tel Aviv, progress on a deal seems out of reach.

RAMY INOCENCIO: Handshakes and smiles aside, in the quest for a cease-fire with Hamas, secretary of state Antony Blinken shot down Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan for a final Gaza invasion.

ANTONY BLINKEN: We cannot, will not support a major military operation in Rafah, absent an effective plan to make sure that civilians are not harmed.

INOCENCIO: But a Netanyahu advisor confirms to CBS News the prime minister is not backing down from his plan to attack Rafah. A more receptive welcome came from families of hostages pleading for a cease-fire to get all hostages home.

AVIVA SIEGEL: I feel like I’m broken up into pieces.

INOCENCIO: For Aviva Siegel, her American husband, Keith, is one of them. This proof of life video released just days ago.

SIEGEL: And I know that Keith has had enough. Our family has had enough. Our country’s had enough.

INOCENCIO: Aviva herself was a hostage released after 51 days. She, her daughter,and families of other American hostages had a face-to-face with Blinken. What was the feeling?

DAUGHTER: Really grateful for what the United States has been doing since October 7th.

INOCENCIO: Another sticking point to a cease-fire, aid to Gaza. The U.N. warns of impending famine. Blinken toured routes being ramped up and being built into the Strip, and for more.

BLINKEN: It needs to be accelerated, it needs to be sustained.

INOCENCIO: And for the first time, aid started flowing through a reopened border crossing destroyed on October 7th. As Gazans rallied to thank U.S. university students for their protests and solidarity. 

And Antony Blinken left the region a few hours ago back to Washington. Israel hasn’t confirmed it’ll send a delegation to any cease-fire talks. Hamas still hasn’t replied to Israel’s proposal. JB.

BROWN: Thank you, Ramy.

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