The Jew-Hating UCLA Agitators’ Wish List of Supplies

Calling for the genocide of Jewish people requires more spendy gear than sending a kid to hockey camp.

The commies rioting at UCLA came up with a list of must-haves – and must-avoids – for anyone looking to hate Jews, topple America, or just get down with the CCP clowns as they trick weak, easily controlled student stooges into doing their bidding.


Needless to say, all donations need to be BDS-compliant.

FACT-O-RAMA! Being BDS-compliant (boycott, divestment, and aanctions) means not spending money on companies that support Israel.

So if you plan on donating an umbrella to the Antifa prags currently masquerading as HamaNazis, you better see if the manufacturer hates Jews too.

Here is how you know the globalists are pro-Hamas:

Some of the “URGENT” supplies needed at the UCLA Klan rally are things you’d expect:

  • skater helmets and shields (your dedicated neo-Nazi needs to protect him/her/zhimself from the business end of a police baton)
  • super bright flashlights with strobe (so “Gay Guevara” can blind police officers)
  • utility gloves (*without* reinforced knuckles) of various sizes, especially for small, low-t hands, (I added “low-t” but I don’t think I needed to)
  • knee and elbow pads (baum chicka bow wow…)

Then there are the “logistical” needs of the agroterrorists. Nothing unusual here:

  • rope and zip ties (how else can you restrain janitors when cosplaying like you’re a revolutionary?)
  • aquaphor, because an insurrection is hard to pull off without soft skin and tamed eyebrows
  • NO sunscreen, because a true anarchist wears a keffiyeh or, as I call it, the 2024 Klan hood. No need for sunscreen as communists know they are miscreants and don’t expose skin that might help identify them


And because spewing hate can make one work up a mean, mean hunger, the HamaNazis need fuel for their inner machines, and the stool samples of UCLA need to eat. They are asking for the following foods:

  • hot food for lunch (IMPORTANT!!) because intifada requires warm calories, and mommy’s open-faced turkey sandwich is reassuring and delish
  • vegan and gluten-free food, because this revolution is brought to you by “Revenge of the Nerds”
  • NO BAGELS — too “Jewy”

SHAMELESS PLUG-O-RAMA! The riots you see are not a surprise to everyone who listens to my radio show, The Kevin Downey, Jr. Show, every Monday through Friday, from 10-11 am EST at

There is a good chance these commie knucklefaces will go home when the semester ends and will then be expected to pay for their avocado toast. 


I suspect most of the students are stooges who want to think they are “making a difference,” but the real problems are the actual trained Marxists running this flapdoodle. 

This will be a hot summer, like 2020 when the pinkos rioted for George “Fentanyl” Floyd, who overdosed on Chinese fentanyl and yet somehow managed to posthumously send four cops to prison. The HamaNazis, currently referred to as “Antifa,” are permitted to drive the leftist narrative. 

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