Trump: Pro-Hamas Anti-Semites Are ‘Radical Left Lunatics’

Donald Trump emphasized the fact that it is the political left, not the right, responsible for the new Nazism that is driving antisemitic riots on college campi.


Students and off-campus agitators have joined in rioting and pro-jihadi encampments that led to hundreds of arrests by law enforcement. In comments to the press quoted by Breitbart, which he made before entering the Manhattan courthouse, Trump expressed his support for police arresting pro-Hamas protesters. 

“These are radical left lunatics,” he emphasized. In separate comments made last month, Trump previously addressed the argument, one supported by years of rejected offers, that the Palestinians will not accept peace with Israel and a “two-state solution.”

Trump told reporters, “I’m so proud of New York’s finest. They’re great, great people, too. I know so many of them. They’re incredible. They did a job at Columbia. And likewise, in Los Angeles, they did a really good job at UCLA.”

He continued by noting that the Biden administration and its federal law enforcement has been targeting alleged right-wing extremism while left-wing extremists scream terrorist slogans in the streets. 

“This is a movement from the left, not from the right. The right is not the problem despite what law enforcement likes to say,” Trump stated. “The FBI director said that he worries about the right. Don’t worry about the right; the right is fine. Worry about the left because this is a movement from the left.”

The GOP presidential candidate, who has defined himself as the law and order candidate this election, ended, “These are radical left lunatics, and they gotta be stopped now because it’s gonna go on and on, and it’s gonna get worse and worse, And, you know, they take over countries, okay, and we’re not letting them take over the USA. We’re not letting the radical left morons take over this country.”


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In an April interview with TIME, Trump had admitted that a “two-state solution”, which the Biden administration keeps pushing, will be much harder to achieve now. Trump appeared to be unaware that the Arabs were given their own state long ago — namely, Jordan — and did not address the fact that nearly three-fourths of Palestinians still support Hamas jihad to wipe out Israel. As quoted by The Jerusalem Post, however, Trump did acknowledge that neither Israel nor Gaza is likely to agree to the two-state proposals now.

“Most people thought it was going to be a two-state solution. I’m not sure a two-state solution anymore is gonna work,” Trump said. But, he noted, “Every day it changes now. If Israel’s making progress, they don’t want two states. They want everything. And if Israel’s not making progress, sometimes they talk about two-state solution … There was a time when I thought two states could work. Now I think two states is going to be very, very tough. I think it’s going to be much tougher to get. I also think you have fewer people that like the idea.”

Israel has made many offers of a state to the so-called Palestinians over the years and all have been rejected as the Palestinians just continue their terrorist attacks. No wonder Israel is fed up.

Jerusalem Post explained that Trump also touched on his late friend billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s argument that the hatred indoctrinated through the Palestinian school system ensures that a peaceful two-state solution is impossible. “I disagreed with it. But so far, he hasn’t been wrong,” Trump confessed. While in office, Trump was the most pro-Israel U.S. president.


The Arabs calling themselves Palestinians don’t want their own state, they want to kill Jews and wipe Israel — and America, for that matter — off the map. It’s not as if Hamas isn’t using the same playbook Islam has used since the 7th century. That’s a fact that useful idiots at U.S. universities should have learned before they marched around with Palestinian flags and keffiyehs yelling “death to Zionists.”

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