Whitlock: The war on patriarchy explains Caitlin Clark’s stardom and Anthony Edwards’ obscurity

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Anthony Edwards is poised to become the NBA’s next big star — but he already could have been had America not launched a war on the so-called patriarchy.

“Edwards is on the cusp of being the next big thing in basketball,” Jason Whitlock says, noting that the number one Minnesota Timberwolves draft pick just had a 40-point explosion against Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns.

“Casual basketball fans are about to be introduced to the most exciting and transformational player since Michael Jordan,” he continues, adding, “or should I say the most exciting and transformational player since Caitlin Clark.”

However, Whitlock explains, the obsession with women’s college basketball over men’s “has ultimately hurt the relevancy of the NBA.”

“I’ll sound a tiny bit conspiratorial here, but I think the destruction of men’s college basketball is by design. Feminists and enemies of the patriarchy do not want young men properly developed. They don’t want to create more male icons,” Whitlock says.

“It’s really no different from our border crisis,” he continues. “It’s a controlled demolition.”

But how did we get here?

“It only makes sense when you realize the anti-patriarchy crowd wants Caitlin Clark to be a bigger deal than Anthony Edwards,” Whitlock says.

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