Feminism is gender dysphoria?

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Feminism has drastically changed our society, and Gabriel Finochio, cofounder of TheosU and host of “The Reactionary Christian,” does not think it’s been a good thing.

“The fundamental issue with feminism is that it is gender dysphoria and it’s rooted in a misunderstanding of what it means to be gendered,” Finochio tells Allie Beth Stuckey, who calls it “such an interesting way to say it.”

Finochio believes that all the confusion our society is facing with children claiming to be transgender or non-binary is “the children of feminism.”

“This goes all the way back to first-wave feminism,” he adds, noting that the initial goals of first-wave feminism were a desire to be equal to men in all things and to attack the understanding of what it was to be a woman up until that point.

While many conservatives might disagree, he calls it “gender dysphoric” and “an attempt to confuse the natures of both men and women.”

Stuckey sees her chance to play devil’s advocate.

“Couldn’t it have been true that women, say, in marriages, didn’t have as many rights as men?” Stuckey asks.

“For example, in some cases women weren’t allowed to file charges against their husband for rape; abuse might have been swept under the rug.”

“Couldn’t you see how maybe some of that oppression and marginalization was actually true in that time?” she adds.

“I could see how there was more of a questioning of well, do women get to be represented as citizens, do women get to be citizens, do women get to have the vote?” he concedes.

“I can understand that there can be exceptions to a rule, but in general, no, I don’t think that women needed the vote,” he continues.

“I think what we’ve seen in a lot of cases is women being forced to go along with an agenda that is actually against their nature.”

“The child of feminism is transgenderism. Where, you know, if there’s really no difference between men and women, then really what’s the difference at all in gender?”

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