Private Farms Disappearing, Food Crisis Could Ensue

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Government regulations and other elite machinations have reportedly caused farmers to step away from farms their families owned for generations. As elites buy up huge amounts of farmland and private farming becomes more impossible, a deliberately triggered food crisis could occur.


Western Journal just reported on the trend of farmland changing hands from farmers to multi-millionaires like Bill Gates. Most globalists are Marxists to some degree, and Marxist/Communist dictators have long committed mass murder through manufactured famines, from Mao to Stalin to Pol Pot. You might think it could not happen in the United States of America, but then again who would ever have predicted that the violent anti-Semitism of Nazi Germany would be reborn on U.S. college campuses? The fascists and socialists have infiltrated our institutions and, apparently, our food supply chain.

“Farmers and ranchers are walking away from land their families have owned for generations,” Western Journal stated. “Government regulations, elite infringement and rising operational costs are making it nearly impossible for American farms to survive.” Foreign investors and wealthy elites are buying up U.S. land instead, including tyranny-loving Bill Gates and our greatest existential enemy, Communist China. These are not exactly the people who have American citizens’ best interests at heart.

Food prices have already gone up significantly under Joe Biden and his administration’s disastrous economic policies, but fewer farms means less food and, eventually, consumers will be affected.


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Western Journal noted that government climate alarmism is another factor in the potential crisis.

The American beef industry is already at its record low, and now ranchers must deal with the opinions of those who have never raised cattle telling them how to do it.

The government regulates the amount of space they must have, the types of fertilizers they can and cannot use, and what they feed their cattle.

Regulations require farmers to spend more money than they are making.

Americans now purchase a lot of non-American beef, and even here in the U.S. too much of the meat industry is now controlled by foreign owners, according to Western Journal.

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Ultimately, only experts with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of America’s farming industry and food supply chains could predict with any accuracy or certainty when this potential food crisis could occur. But if you believe our current federal government or the billionaires buying up farmland would not cause such a crisis in America, either through incompetence or insane ideology, think again. These are the same people who are knowingly and confidently fueling a major crime crisis, both at the southern border and inside America, for personal political gain. Why shouldn’t they be more concerned about controlling land and pushing the climate agenda then about the necessary food supply to American citizens?


The same leftist, Marxist elite who don’t care if the illegal alien rapes your child probably don’t care if your child starves, even if that wasn’t their original goal. We can only hope that a different administration will reverse farm-ruining government regulation and prevent the food crisis from occurring.

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