REPUBLICANS just passed a HATE SPEECH bill under the guise of ‘anti-Semitism’

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The House of Representatives just passed a major bill to combat “anti-Semitism” and had the majority of both parties on board.

The bill itself is described as enforcing the Department of Education to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Allies definition of anti-Semitism when enforcing the 1964 Civil Rights Act on college campuses.

Its opposition consisted of only 21 Republicans and 70 Democrats.

While the bill was passed under the guise of fighting anti-Semitism, Glenn Beck realizes what it’s really about: criminalizing hate speech.

“When I hear people say ‘the Jews killed Jesus’ or ‘those dirty Jews run the world’ or ‘those Jews are responsible for everything bad’ or ‘you’re just saying things because you have a Zionist master,’ I think to myself, you’re a bloody idiot,” Glenn says.

“You shouldn’t be running around saying these things, but I kind of actually like it when you do because I know exactly who you are,” he adds.

Despite the way he feels about people who are anti-Semitic, it doesn’t change the way he feels about the bill.

“I am dead set against this, and you should be too. Something can be legally permissible and morally repulsive at the same time. Speech needs to be protected, not the stuff we all agree on, but the stuff we don’t agree on,” he explains.

“The people who voted for this bill, I’m sure it was well-intended, but they’re misguided by human nature itself. Governments cannot fix human hearts,” he continues, asking, “Why is it this Congress can only pass the things that seemingly only hurt the strength of America and only cut across the Constitution?”

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