Shocking rise of anti-Semitism on campus

When Obama made it a priority to import immigrants into the United States from Muslim countries, there was a massive jump in the number of refugees and immigrants who came into the United States.

The list of issues that have followed is long, but as anti-Semitism and Marxist indoctrination on college campuses reach all-time highs, Mark Levin can’t help but focus on this one.

“People who come into the country with their own culture are not assimilated into our culture because our culture is being attacked from our educational institutions — that is public schools, colleges, and universities — through our media and our entertainment,” Levin says.

“It’s why CRT, DEI, ESG, and all the rest of the Marxist alphabet soup is so damaging to the country,” he adds.

This is why Levin believes that anti-Semitism is rising on college campuses.

“When you have the importation of individuals from countries or cultures that have almost nothing in common with our country, and from places that hate our country, this is the consequence,” he says.

“When you have Marxist ideologues as tenured faculty members, and elsewhere, pushing their Marxist agenda on American citizen children, this is what you get. A fusion of Marxism and Islamism, and they all are involved in anti-Americanism,” he adds.

And it’s all by design.

“All this extremist radicalism is being taught, it’s being embraced, and now, it’s being practiced, and it’s also being funded. It’s being funded by Democrat Party billionaires through dark money contributions laundered through organizations,” he explains.

“Which is why they almost, almost, uniformly line up against Israel and line up against America and line up against Trump. They will do anything for power,” he adds.

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