The Morning Briefing: Donald Trump Had a Better Week Than Joe Biden Did

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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Delrubbyn felt that his cabbage and cardamom wine should have been a bigger hit at the Tri-County Kilt-Weaver Olympics. 


For years, the Democrats have been singularly obsessed with ruining Donald Trump’s life. He is their White Whale. Much to their chagrin, Trump continues to refuse to have his life ruined by them. 

According to the Democrats’ playbook and wildest dreams, these are supposed to be Trump’s darkest days. He’s in court rather than on the campaign trail, surrounded by biased jackals who have thrown judicial integrity down a toilet. 

They’re not very competent jackals. This is from a post Matt wrote yesterday:

Former President Donald Trump was back in New York City Thursday for his criminal trial, and it’s been a pretty good day for him. During Thursday’s proceedings, Keith Davidson, the lawyer representing adult film actress Stormy Daniels, gave revealing testimony that completely undermines Bragg’s charges against Trump. 

For starters, Davidson argued that the $130,000 payment to Daniels should not be construed as “hush money” but rather as a legitimate “consideration” payment.


There’s also the fact that, even if it were hush money, that’s not illegal. 

Matt goes on to describe how corrupt Judge Juan Merchan may have already given a real court a reason to reverse whatever happens in his Soviet show trial. It’s difficult for Merchan to stick to the letter of the law when he and his boss Alvin Bragg have done everything they can to avoid it in order to get to this point. 

After the kangaroo court had an off day, Trump headed out to see some real Americans. This is from my RedState colleague Bob Hoge

Donald Trump dropped by a New York Fire Department station in midtown Manhattan Thursday to deliver pizzas after spending another day in court for DA Alvin Bragg’s case against the former president for falsifying business records.

The firefighters appeared to be pleased to see him, and in the video you can hear one or more say, “Save us, please save us.” I think it’s quite apparent who they want saving from.


This is the kind of reaction Trump has been getting whenever and wherever he shows up in public lately. It’s a stark contrast to the Donald Trump we read and hear about in the mainstream media. It’s an even bigger contrast to the choreographed public appearances of Joe Biden’s that tend to have all of the enthusiasm and energy of a morgue. 

Bob had another post at RedState that featured some of the former president’s younger fans: 

Pro-Hamas protests have broken out at universities across the country, as we’ve extensively reported, but the extremists who thought it was a good idea to protest at Ole Miss might want to rethink their strategies in the future because they found out it was not a good idea. You don’t bring that stuff to Oxford, Mississippi and expect it to go over well—it isn’t LA or New York.

When about 50 or 60 anti-Israel demonstrators showed up on the Quad Wednesday with Palestinian flags and the usual hateful chants, they were quickly reminded that this was SEC country as hundreds of counterprotesters materialized around them shouting, “We want Trump! We want Trump!”

It’s important to note that neither of the groups mentioned there are fans of Joe Biden.

As we’ve recently seen, the “Free Palestine” campus Hitler Youth have become a real pain for Joe Biden and the people running what’s left of his brain, which I cover a bit in this column.

The plan, no doubt, was to have Joe Biden safely tucked away from the spotlight in a modified basement strategy, hiding behind the news of Trump being in court and finally having the walls close in on him. The lawfare abuse was intended to distract from the fact that Joe Biden is the worst president in United States history.

The Democrats continue to underestimate Trump’s ability as a showman. He had one of the most successful reality shows in the history of television. He’s been working the camera and crowds since the early 1980s. He’s not going to be buffeted about by even the most elaborately crafted false narratives of theirs. 


Joe Biden is a super magnet for negativity because he’s so awful at his job. 

While he and his handlers are busy trying to figure out how to keep the pro-terrorist vote in play, Donald Trump is enjoying pizza with patriots.

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The Mailbag of Magnificence

Since I was off last Friday we have some stuff from mid-April. 

Let’s start with a couple from readers who are glad that the Mailbag didn’t die a hideous (or any other kind) of death. 

First up, Don: 

What the hell, Kruiser? The Mailbag of Magnificence must continue, as it’s almost as important as the Sine Qua Non-Sequitur. Much more so than the stuff in-between. Or not. You’ve pointed out to the whiners why both are integral parts of The Briefing, an I agree completely. I just hope I don’t have to write too many more inane e-mails to keep it alive, but I’m tough, I’ll do what’s necessary. Many thanks for your continued excellence in drubbing the Marxists, and making it fun.

It’s nice to know that someone is paying attention, Don. Sometimes it feels as if I’m just spewing words into the void when it comes to the important stuff, like why the Sine Qua Non Sequitur exists. Thank you for reading, and for joining me in being anti-whiners. 

Our old friend Brice weighs in: 

I appreciate you returning the mailbag because I love hearing what your other loyal fans are thinking. Yu have a pretty smart set of readers. Even the trolls are smart enough to read your stuff. I’m not surprised but am disappointed about your spam problem.

The readers here are the best. The spammers I’m getting are well-intentioned, but impossible to get rid of for some Mothership inside baseball reasons we don’t need to get into. I’m glad that you’re glad that the Mailbag has new life. 


Mark writes: 

I enjoy your Tucson references. I lived there from fall ’74 until 2016; in the North Central foothills from ’92 to ’16. Loved it, but my wife’s knees gave out, we sold the split level, got tired of cactus, and traded Palo Verdes for Pinon Pines in the mountains East of ABQ. We definitely miss TUC in the winter, so we VRBO for a couple months. If you ever find yourself in the ABQ area, let us know and we’ll cook dinner ;-}

I do love my hometown and am glad I finally moved back here. I really thought I’d end up in the Catalina Foothills when I did. When I was a little kid, my grandparents had a house in the foothills when the lots were all five acres. Gorgeous view of Finger Rock from their living room. The food and beer opportunities where I am now changed my mind. I’ll definitely let you know when I’m in Albuquerque, and you hit me up next winter when you’re here. 

This is from Bill: 

Dear Mr. Kruiser, In this morning’s Morning Briefing (April 24) you cited “After a couple of generations of dereliction of duty…”. That’s what we’ve had in the once-hallowed halls of Academe, but we’re just now seeing the rot explode into the public eye. To my mind, the problem is not just the fact of the dereliction of duty, but that each succeeding generation of students has felt a need to outdo the ones who taught them. If today’s students become tomorrows educators, we will be in terrible straits.

You nailed it with the thought about the succeeding generations. The spawn of the ’60s hippies who ended up taking over Academia have spawn of their own now, and look where we are. 

We’ll wrap up with this from friend of the Briefing Krysta: 

Dear Kruiser the Splendiferous, This Non Sequitur Non Grata or whatever we’re calling it these days, literally attacked my nose hairs and sent them stampeding toward my brain! “Palquinniss was unwavering in his obsession to bring exotically-scented artisanal unguents to the global fitness market.” Exocitcally-scented unguents is a bridge too far. I was just telling my younger son that IMO patchouli should be outlawed,and while we’re at it, let’s just get rid of incense. It’s stinky nonsense! Have a lovely week!


True story, I wrote that just because my best friend and I have thought that “unguent” is a hilarious word ever since we were in high school. We’re still always looking for a good opportunity to drop it into a conversation and make everyone else in the room wonder what in the heck we find so amusing. 

Many thanks to all who wrote in to get the Mailbag off of life support! It’s fun to be at it again. 

Everything Isn’t Awful

Even elephants need a spa day. 

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