The radical left is waging a war on families. RFK Jr. won’t protect them.

The 2024 election is shaping up to be yet another critical one for the American family.

Over the last few months, Joe Biden has made it clear that promoting the sexual mutilation of gender-confused children is one of the main priorities of his administration.

While Kennedy’s message may seem appealing on the surface, the truth is that his record of elusiveness makes it impossible to trust him.

Biden’s Department of Education two weeks ago announced that it had reinterpreted Title IX to require schools to allow boys into girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms.

Shortly before that, his administration also “reinterpreted” federal law to require doctors and hospitals to provide sex-change drugs and surgeries on demand to everyone, including children, regardless of their best medical judgment. And, of course, during his State of the Union address, the president called on Congress to permanently implement all these policies through federal legislation.

Although Biden’s dash to the far left may have solidified his support among the “Queers for Palestine,” it has left many families desperately searching for saner alternatives. This has created an opening for third-party candidates like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has sought to style himself as a moderate on the campaign trail.

But that’s simply not the case. While Kennedy’s message may seem appealing on the surface, the truth is that his record of elusiveness makes it impossible to trust him. His comments on transgender issues provide a perfect case in point.

For his entire campaign, Kennedy has refused to answer any serious question about what he would do as president to protect kids from the predatory transgender industry. Instead, he obfuscates, trying to con voters into thinking he’s on their side while taking no firm position.

For example, when asked in December by Patrick Bet-David what he would do to prevent children under the age of 18 from falling victim to castration and mutilation at the hands of so-called “gender-affirming” doctors, Kennedy hemmed and hawed for minute after minute, during which it became clear that the answer is absolutely nothing.

“I don’t know enough about it, Patrick, to — to say that it should be completely illegal [under 18],” Kennedy stammered uncomfortably. Over the next two minutes, he would repeat “I don’t know” seven more times.

Amid the word salad, Kennedy even suggested that mutilating children was an example of the type of “freedom” he wants to defend. In the end, Kennedy just gave up — “I’m just telling you the truth, I don’t have a position on this” — and pivoted to a long, unrelated speech about food allergies.

One would think that Kennedy, whose entire public persona is centered around fighting corporate and medical malpractice, would be up in arms about the multimillion-dollar industry deliberately sterilizing an entire generation of children. But disturbingly, it appears that he’s not.

His terrible non-answer also puts his previous response to related questions in a much different and more troubling light. Kennedy has said that he thinks allowing men in women’s sports is unfair. But he has never said what he specifically wants to do to stop it. He has said that parents should have a sayin their children’s education, but has never opined one way or the other on whether he would allow federally funded transgender indoctrination in schools to continue to take place.

This also calls to mind Kennedy’s now-infamous decision to publicly withdraw from a Moms for Liberty event where he had agreed to speak. That episode ended with him slandering the group as somehow against “gay rights,” as if there was something wrong with not wanting to make graphic obscenity freely available to children in an elementary school library.

Kennedy’s record looks especially bad once one contrasts it to the outside challenger he is trying unsuccessfully to mimic: Donald Trump. Unlike Kennedy, Trump has made absolutely clear where he stands on these issues. He has laid out the most extensive and detailed plan for protecting children from the transgender industry of any politician in the country.

Trump has promised to investigate, defund, and ultimately ban the mutilation of children in all 50 states. That’s about as strong a position as you get on this issue. He has also promised to task his Department of Education with going after federally funded schools that teach children they could be trapped in the wrong body. And he wants Congress to not only pass legislation to keep men from participating in women’s sports but also declare outright that there are only two genders — and that all of our laws should reflect that.

For pro-family voters, there’s only one choice in November. It’s not Joe Biden, obviously. But it’s not RFK Jr., either. Nobody should fall for the con. However much Kennedy tries to sound reasonable, anyone incapable of answering whether doctors should be allowed to cut off a confused child’s body parts is a coward at best and a moral monster at worst. Either way, such a person belongs nowhere close to the White House.

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