Trump calls for pro-Gaza protests to be SHUT DOWN after being bought off by Zionist money men

Trump calls for pro-Gaza protests to be SHUT DOWN after being bought off by Zionist money men

Someone claiming to be familiar with the matter says that former President Donald Trump met with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis this past week to ask for permission to access DeSantis’ donor network. One day later, Trump called for the Gaza solidarity protests at college and university campuses across America to be shut down – was that the stipulation?

All of a sudden, Trump is opposed to free speech and the First Amendment as it pertains to Israel’s genocide in Gaza. U.S. Army Ret. Col. Douglas Macgregor also says that Trump has sold out to the Zionist lobby by supporting the $95 billion foreign aid package that Congress sent to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

Trump is hard up for cash, that much we know. The felony charges he faces coupled with exorbitant fines and continued attacks from his political opponents seems to be turning Trump into just another political hack of the kind he railed against back in 2015 and 2016.

With the Biden campaign boasting a more than $90 million war chest, Trump is trailing behind, especially as independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. continues to gain ground.

“As of April 21, Trump had just $6.8 million in the accounts he’s been using to fund his lawyers,” reported Bloomberg about Trump’s recent meeting with DeSantis. “That could drive him to tap funds from other sources to cover upcoming bills and bankroll his campaign.”

Pro-Israel investor Steve Witkoff arranged Trump’s meeting with DeSantis

It turns out that Trump’s meeting with DeSantis was arranged by a wealthy investor named Steve Witkoff who, you guessed it, is pro-Israel and pro-Zionism. This suggests that cash-strapped Trump was given some kind of offer he could not refuse.

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Just one day after the Witkoff-arranged meeting, Trump started spouting off the Zionist script by calling for peace protesters at American institutions of higher learning to be oppressed and persecuted for exercising their First Amendment rights.

“STOP THE PROTESTS NOW!!!” Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform, possibly while counting all the dollars he received in exchange for taking this stance.

In a lengthier follow-up post, Trump wrote that he is “very happy to have the full and enthusiastic support” of DeSantis, describing their meeting together as “great.” Trump also called Witkoff a “mutual friend,” adding that Witkoff’s Shell Bay Club in Hollywood, Fla., is “beautiful.”

“The conversation mostly concerned how we would work closely together to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,” Trump further wrote.

“Also discussed was the future of Florida, which is FANTASTIC! I greatly appreciate Ron’s support in taking back our Country from the Worst President in the History of the United States. November 5th is a BIG DAY!!!”

Witkoff had also arranged a fundraiser for Trump at the Grand Prix in Miami, but that ended up being shut down for violating the Miami Grand Prix’s suite licensing agreement.

DeSantis, do not forget, killed his presidential campaign with one signature when he signed into law “hate speech” legislation in Florida that criminalizes criticism of Israel. By doing this, DeSantis stayed in good graces with its own Israel-first megadonors.

Many legislators, it turns out, are passing their own anti-First Amendment muzzling laws in a desperate bid to extract more cash from their own Israel-first megadonors. It is almost as if Congress is comprised of people who serve Zionism rather than the American people.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Tex.), one of the masterminds behind the TikTok ban legislation, saw a 1,413 percent increase in AIPAC donations after he proposed killing the social media app and sanctioning Iran, as well as passing $95 billion more in aid for Ukraine, Taiwan and Israel.

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