Why stalking can be extremely dangerous

The government isn’t the only entity going after Blaze’s investigative journalist Steve Baker.

Now, the man who has been unfairly persecuted for chasing the truth of what really happened on January 6 is dealing with a stalker, too.

“This newfound attention that I have is now bringing some of the crazies out of the woodwork,” Baker tells Pat Gray.

“This guy had flown in from Atlanta and to here. When he got to the airport at DFW, he actually did a selfie video that he posted on X saying that he was going to come here, and he was going to confront me and Beck, because we were part of this underground mafia that’s trying to overthrow the government, trying to take down Trump,” he explains.

When he made it to the parking lot of Mercury Studios, he began live streaming and walking around the building with a “sidekick” that he had picked up in Dallas.

“He picked up a sidekick in Dallas? Is this Batman that came to confront you,” Gray laughs.

A fearless security guard was able to scare the stalker and his comrade off, but a person like Baker doesn’t just attract one crazy person — he attracts many.

While Baker was in D.C. covering the sentencing hearing of the Oath Keepers, a woman flew from Chicago to confront Baker because he refused to cover the story she told him about the 20 brain implants she claims the government has put in her head.

“The more interesting part of her story was that for 20 years now, since this began, every single doctor that she has gone to to have these removed have all refused because they’re afraid that they’re going to be assassinated,” Baker explains.

“I don’t blame them,” Pat Gray jokes. “You start removing brain implants that the government put there, and you know you’re going to be in trouble.”

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