13-year-old student says she was attacked by adults on school bus and she was suspended for defending herself

A 13-year-old girl says she was attacked by adults related to a bull at a Texas school, but the district decided to suspend the victim after she fought back.

The girl, who didn’t want to be identified, told KTVT-TV that she had heard rumors that a new girl at Bettye Myers Middle School in Denton wanted to fight with her.

She said she went to school officials, including a counselor and an assistant principal. She said they told her that they had spoken to the other girl, but it didn’t help the situation.

She says that when she got on the school bus to go home, the girl attacked her. Then she realized the girl’s mother had also joined the fight when she called her “mom” during the fight.

“I was scared,” she said to KTVT with tears in her eyes.

Video shows the assault on the school bus with other students standing around recording the incident and not intervening at all.

“I guess one of the women came and put me in a choke hold on the bus,” she added.

She says that the women followed the bus to her stop and attacked her again. Video from the second altercation shows her being knocked to the ground and beaten.

The girl says she was able to call her mother during the attack.

“I heard my baby scream out,” said her mother to KTVT. “And no one did anything.”

She’s upset at the actions of the bus driver, who appeared to do nothing to prevent the fight and drove away while the girl was being attacked the second time.

“Had he locked the door, called for help, waited for the police to arrive. Those grown adults wouldn’t have been able to get on a bus, assault my child, and they wouldn’t been able to follow the bus and continue assaulting her,” she said.

The girl says she is traumatized because of the attacks.

“I can’t walk to the store anymore. I have to look and watch every time when I see a white car,” she said. “And I have to be on watch everywhere I go. Because of you.”

She also says that school officials suspended her for three days for her response, but she says she was simply defending herself.

A spokesperson for the Denton police told KTVT that they are taking the incident seriously and expect an update about the case soon.

The victim and her mother said that they are leaning on their faith to deal with the aftermath of the violence.

“I had to sit up at night crying about it, asking God why. But I also pray for them cause my mom taught me, just because they did you wrong, it’s all for a reason. It’s all for purpose,” said the 13-year-old girl.

“The other night when she said, ‘Mom, let’s pray.’ And she grabbed my hand and began to pray for them, I’m like, ‘Okay, you know… she’s going to be all right,'” said the mother.

Here’s the news report about the incident:

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