George Washington Students Hold ‘People’s Tribunal,’ Call for Faculty’s Deaths

What is it with these people?

In the latest instance of these antisemitic, hate-spewing, miseducated twerps treating their intrusive thoughts like honored guests, students (and probably more than a few professional agitators, as we have learned) at George Washington University held a “People’s Tribunal” putting many of the school’s faculty on symbolic trial and demanding their deaths.


Yes, really.

X account Stu Stu Studios posted footage of the scene featuring a girl speaking through a megaphone, leading chants calling out GWU Provost Christopher Bracey and accusing him of assault on top of the support for Israel and Zionism accusations, chanting, “Bracey, Bracey, we see you, you assault students too.”

I do not know if they are confusing the title of “provost” within George Washington University’s faculty as the academic supervisor with a supervisor of law enforcement (like “provost marshal”), but accusing Mr. Bracey of assault just adds another element of absurdity to this “tribunal” these kids are hosting.

Right after, the girl on the megaphone proclaims, “Off to the m*****f***ing gallows with you.”

But hold on, it gets stupider.


The girl on the megaphone then accuses GWU’s Board of Trustees of profiteering off the “genocide” of Palestinians, and after the other students loudly proclaim them “guilty,” she yells, “To the guillotine!”

Finally, they also call for GWU President Ellen Granberg and her apparently “f****** bob [haircut]” to be under the guillotine as well for “using [their] tuition dollars to fund genocide.”

Stu Stu Studios also posted a longer version, but the fact that these kids are openly and publicly calling for the deaths of specific people who can very likely hear them just underscores how insane these “protests” really are.

After all, these are the same students who vandalized the statue of George Washington on campus with a keffiyeh, Palestinian flags, and anti-Israel stickers, as my friend Catherine Salgado wrote about earlier this week.

For Our VIPs: Antisemites Deface Statue of Washington, Friend of the Jews

That same day, Rick Moran wrote about the occupation of Hamilton Hall at Columbia University by students and agitators, complete with barricading the entrances and holding the maintenance workers in the building hostage for a few hours.


I had also written about students at the University of Wisconsin supposedly hailing Hitler at passing Jewish students, where they had also chanted, “There is only one solution: Intifada revolution.”

The next day, I mentioned how Travis County authorities in Austin, Texas, discovered apparent weapons caches of chains, mallets, mallets, bricks, and even guns hidden throughout the site of the University of Texas’s site of protest on the campus.

We have already seen students at UCLA get into fights from behind the little barricades they had built, and like Moran said earlier today, if you think everything we are seeing is bad now, just wait till summer.

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