Russell Brand says baptism has left him feeling ‘changed’ and ‘surrendered in Christ’

Actor, comedian, and podcaster Russell Brand posted to social media after he was baptized into the Christian faith. He described the experience as “incredible and profound,” which has left him feeling “changed” and “surrendered in Christ,” according to the Christian Post.

Brand, 48, recently posted a short video to social media, explaining how he felt after being baptized. “Many of you will have had your own experiences of baptism and will therefore know what I’m talking about.”

“Many aspects of it were very intimate and personal.”

Brand’s announcement that he planned to get baptized into the Christian faith comes after four women accused him of various modes of sexual assault, including rape. Consequently, there was a joint investigation by The Times, Sunday Times, and Channel 4’s Dispatches.

However, Brand has denied that any sexual assault took place. He conceded that he was “very, very promiscuous” in the past, but he noted that all of his sexual relationships were “always consensual.”

In his recent video, Brand said that while he feels the pressures of life still looming each day, there is a “resource” within him that he did not have before he got baptized.

“The truth is this: as a person that has in the past taken many, many substances and always been disappointed with their inability to deliver the kind of tranquility and peace and even transcendence I always felt I’ve been looking for, something occurred in the process of baptism that was incredible, overwhelming.”

“Literally overwhelming because I was obviously underwater, and it was the River Thames — at some points,” he added. “So I felt changed, transitioned.”

“Now, of course, even though it’s been less than 24 hours in the interim period, I’ve already felt irritation,” he said. “I got three children, I got a job, I’ve got challenges. I still live in the world, but I feel a new resource in me has switched on.”

Brand was sure to express his appreciation for those who have been kind to him on social media, but he also mentioned that he understood some people’s “cynicism” about getting baptized just a year after the sexual assault allegations surfaced.

“Even some of the cynicism, I understand because some people will just see me as a celebrity,” the comedian said. “But I don’t see me as a celebrity because I was me when I was a little boy. I was me when I was a junkie. I was me when I was poor. I’ve been me in all of the different phases.”

“I can’t tell you how happy I feel and how relieved I feel, but as you know, if you know, my resources are coming from somewhere else and someone else now,” he continued. “Thank you so much for your support. Let’s keep doing this together — or certainly I’m just going to do what I’m doing. I love you so much. I’m so grateful to be surrendered in Christ. See you all soon.”

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