X launches Stories feature, pushing news to users powered by AI chatbot Grok

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Elon Musk recently announced that X’s AI chatbot Grok will power a feature that essentially summarizes personalized trending stories under the platform’s “Explore” section.

X’s engineering team posted the announcement on Friday, writing: “Now available: Stories on X, powered by Grok AI.”

“See what the world is talking about with Stories on X, curated by @grok. now available for Premium subscribers in the Explore tab! web & iOS only for now– let us know your feedback.”

Tech Crunch reported that X’s Premium subscribers will now have the ability to read a summary of posts on the platform that are associated with each trending story. All of which will be displayed on the “For You” tab.

The “For You” tab acts as a one-stop shop for users to catch up on the news and stories circulating on the platform that are popular within their network. Instead of a user having to endlessly scroll to find out what is trending, they can just go to the “For You” tab to get filled in.

The report mentioned that concerning the AI burnout story, the Grok-powered summary says: “AI engineers are facing burnout and rushed rollouts due to the competitive race in the tech industry, as companies prioritize investor satisfaction over solving actual problems.”

While some may be optimistic about Grok’s ability, it is not a perfect piece of AI. The chatbot has made the humorous statement, “Grok can make mistakes, verify its outputs.”

Tech Crunch reported:

Access to xAI’s chatbot Grok is meant to be a selling point to push users to buy premium subscriptions. With the Premium and top-tier Premium+ plans, users can access Grok by tapping on the bottom middle button of the app. A snarky and “rebellious” AI, Grok’s differentiator from other AI chatbots like ChatGPT is its exclusive and real-time access to X data.

Tech journalist Alex Kantrowitz reportedly received an email from Musk, who laid out the bigger picture for AI-powered news on the platform.

Kantrowitz wrote: “Musk said better citations are coming, but shared a deeper vision for the product, which he wants to build into a real-time synthesizer of news and social media reaction. Effectively, his plan is to use AI to combine breaking news and social commentary around big stories, present the compilation live, and allow you to go deeper via chat.”

Musk responded, saying that “[a]s more information becomes available, the news summary will update to include that information,” adding that “[t]he goal is simple: to provide maximally accurate and timely information, citing the most significant sources.”

Kantrowitz added that Musk’s goal will not be an easy one, but “the bot [Grok] might become a novel news product given its access to the X firehose.”

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