Joe Biden Really Insults Women Voters

Joe Biden has claimed he grew up in a black church, a Jewish synagogue, and a Puerto Rican neighborhood. He hasn’t yet claimed to identify as a woman, but if polls show him losing ground with the LGBT community, I’m sure that’s next. 


There seems to be no limit to his pandering. 

“This November, voters are going to teach Donald Trump a valuable lesson: Don’t mess with the women of America,” one of Biden’s aides posted on his Twitter account.

Really, Joe? Do you really think that all women share the same political views and will vote in unison against Donald Trump? 

I suppose it makes sense that Biden would think this way since, during a 2020 campaign appearance on “The Breakfast Club” podcast with Charlemagne Tha God, he literally said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

So, yeah, Joe Biden has a history of treating certain groups as politically monolithic automatons who only vote for the Democratic Party. 

Ironically, Joe Biden has been bleeding support from black voters, causing a potential racial realignment in the 2024 presidential election. Could the same thing happen with women? After all, Joe Biden clearly sees women as lacking individuality and critical thinking skills in the political arena, and as being universally pro-abortion.


This, of course, is not true. Women, like any other demographic group, have different priorities, ideologies, and policy preferences. In other words, they can think for themselves and make their own informed decisions, wherever those views end up. Does Biden think that women are betraying their gender if they don’t vote for him? I wouldn’t be surprised. 

It’s true that women tend to vote Democrat—particularly young, single women—but Biden might be surprised that, despite his assumption that women are incapable of diversity of thought, they’re not necessary voting for him in large numbers. According to a new a Rasmussen Reports survey, Biden has lost some significant ground with women.

So much, in fact, that he’s losing them to Trump.

This comes from polling that shows Trump up 10 points nationally—which I think is a stretch—and that his standing with women has taken a huge hit since 2020. 


The Democrats’ persistent tendency to portray themselves as the champions of various demographic groups while disregarding the nuanced realities within those communities underscores a fundamental flaw in their approach. By perpetuating the false notion that these groups are politically monolithic, Democrats not only fail to address the genuine challenges facing these communities but also demonstrate a glaring lack of commitment or capability to enact meaningful change. As such, it’s becoming clearer to these voters that the Democratic Party prioritizes power over genuine advocacy, thus prompting disillusionment that sends these voters to seek out other candidates who offer real solutions.

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