Queen Rania of Jordan defends the pro-Hamas riots on US campuses: ‘They are protesting for justice’

Queen Rania al Abdullah has come out in defense of the anti-Israel protests and riots that have cropped up across American colleges and universities. She has argued that the students who are leading these efforts simply want justice and peace, according to the New York Post.

Additionally, she urged the U.S. to use “political leverage” to bring an end to the ongoing war and allow aid into Gaza. However, she did not appear to condemn the anti-Semitism that has reared its head since Hamas launched a surprise attack against the Jewish state, slaughtering around 1,200 Israelis and abducting 240 more.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, anti-Semitism spiked 361% in the first three months after the October 7 attack.

Jonathan Greenblatt — the CEO of ADL — said: “The American Jewish community is facing a threat level that’s now unprecedented in modern history. It’s shocking that we’ve recorded more antisemitic acts in three months than we usually would in an entire year.”

Instead, Rania sided with the pro-Hamas protesters across the U.S., saying: “To vilify them as being, you know, pro-Hamas or pro-terrorism or antisemitic — I think that’s inaccurate, And I think it’s somewhat patronizing.”

“A lot of them are well-read, thoughtful young individuals who know exactly what they’re protesting. They are protesting for justice.”

The Post reported that lawmakers on Capitol Hill have been a little tense about the protests, noting that there has been a significant spike in anti-Semitic instances on campus and additional reports that Jewish students are afraid to go on campus or attend class.

Despite this, Rania suggested that it was not right to “paint all these students and all these protests in a broach paintbrush.”

“Let’s not forget that there are a substantial number of Jewish students who are involved in these protests. And the vast majority of these protests want to be peaceful, they don’t want to be destructive,” she argued.

Rania — who is the wife of Jordan’s King Abdullah II — is a Palestinian and has been vocal about the Israel-Hamas war since Israel responded to a surprise attack that was carried out by Hamas.

She conceded that anti-Semitism has been on the rise, and she urged Muslims around the world to take charge and help fight against it.

“Antisemitism is absolutely present. And it’s been on the rise, it’s been on the surge. And it is the worst kind of bigotry, it is pure hatred,” she said.

“Muslims have to be at the forefront of fighting antisemitism, because Islamophobia is the other side of the same disease, and it’s also on the rise.”

Additionally, it appears Rania believes Palestinians hate Israelis not because of their religion, but because of their military activity.

She said: “If Palestinians hate Israelis, it is not because of their religion, or their identity, it’s because of the fact that they’ve only interacted with them as enforcers of a military state.”

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