Ukraine petitions Council of Europe to cancel elections, suspend human rights protections in order to “stop Russia”

Ukraine petitions Council of Europe to cancel elections, suspend human rights protections in order to “stop Russia”

It appears that martial law is the next phase of Volodymyr Zelensky’s plans for Ukraine.

Ukraine just submitted a request to the Council of Europe asking for a partial deviation from having to comply with the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights & Freedoms.

The text of Ukraine’s request specifically delineates that during a state of emergency, it wants human rights to be “temporarily” limited, allowing Zelensky to basically become a dictator.

Among the rights that Zelensky wants to “temporarily” suspend are:

– Free elections

– The right to residential privacy

– Secret correspondences

– The right to non-interference in personal and family life

– Freedom of movement and choice of resistance

– Freedom of thought and speech

Zelensky also wants to be able to impose the following measures without public input or approval:

– Forced expropriation of private or communal property

– Mandatory curfews

– Forced entrance into and exit from the country through special modes

– Restricted movement of citizens and foreigners

– Government intrusion into people’s personal belongings, transportation, and housing

– Forced military service for individuals and legal entities

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Zelensky must be stopped

For all their talk about supporting “democracy,” the Zelenskys of the world sure love to switch into authoritarian mode at the slightest possibility of their deposition. Zelensky is clearly scared about what the future holds for him and is trying to get ahead of it by pushing for drastic changes in the event of an “emergency.”

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“What a racket,” is how Dr. Lynn Fynn-derella (@Fynnderella1) put it on X.

Another person noted how a recent exposé found that Ukraine has the worst and most human rights violations and cases of abuse out of every country in the entire world. In other words, Ukraine under Zelensky is about as bad as it gets.

“Ukraine is about five minutes away from being completely defeated so it doesn’t matter,” wrote another.

Others noted the striking similarity between what Zelensky is demanding and what took place during World War II in Germany and its surrounding neighbors.

“The Fourth Reich is looking to expand, it seems,” one wrote.

One wonders what kind of “emergency” Zelensky and his tribe have planned to catalyze such a dramatic shift into full-scale fascism. Will there be another 9/11-style false flag attack somewhere, or did one already happen last October 7?

“There are more abuses coming soon,” another X user wrote ominously.

“Translation: during times of war in order to protect democracy, we can take away all your freedoms and privacy. And to protect capitalism, we can seize properties and assets. If we didn’t adopt these measures, we could become a communist country overnight,” someone else wrote about what he feels Zelensky is really asking to do.

In essence, Zelensky is openly asking for legalized fascism. Do the Americans and others who say they support Ukraine also support these latest ominous developments, we wonder?

“So communism is now the order of the day in Ukraine,” said another on X. “This is what the vipers in the EU spearheaded by the rotting, corrupt Von der Leyen and company, along with the demon-crazies in the United States, wanted all along.”

“This is a part of the big communist animal taking over our planet and ethnically cleansing all the Europeans.”

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