Breastfeeding charity ousts trustees who sought to exclude men from its services

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La Leche League is a
decades-old non-governmental organization present in nearly 90 countries whose stated mission is to help “mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education.”

LLL volunteers understand that breastfeeding is the most suitable source of nutrients for infants. Not only does naturally occurring breast milk
help with human growth, it also helps stave off disease, accelerate immunity development, and aid in intestinal colonization.

Although breastfeeding is exclusively the province of women, gender ideologues keen to ignore the insuperable differences between the sexes apparently regard it it as yet another female space to invade. In recent years, radicals on both sides of the Atlantic have endeavored to do so by way of more make-believe, medical experimentation, and coercion.

LLL’s U.S.-based board of directors recently informed the British wing of the lactation charity, which has over 70 groups across the U.K., that it must support “male lactation,”
according to the Telegraph. Accordingly, the LLLGB must cater to transvestic men who seek to have infants choke back their nausea medication-induced discharge.

The LLLGB was further informed that the charity’s use of the term “mother” might amount to a “roadblock” and that doubts over gender ideology were “harmful.”

Late last year, six of the LLGB’s
12 trustees took a stand against the directors’ attempt to insert mentally-compromised men into women’s spaces nationwide, indicating that the demand contravened British law, which protects sex-segregated spaces. They implored the U.S.-based board to permit the organization to remain single-sex, as groups in Muslim countries and other nations resistant to gender ideology are permitted.

The international wing of the LLL responded in February, “We focus on providing breastfeeding support and understand the importance of making our spaces welcoming to all those who want to breastfeed or give their babies human milk.”

“We don’t argue with parents or other leaders about how they identify; we accept them with respect, just as they say they are, and do not refer to them with words that conflict with their identity,” added LLLI.

For having dared to suggest that babies deserve real breast milk contra some drug-induced slurry from fetishists, the LLLI suspended the dissenting trustees, stating, “The continued promotion of LLL as an organization that excludes people is damaging to LLL’s credibility.”

One LLLGB trustee told the Telegraph, “Many breastfeeding supporters like me feel utterly disheartened by the way our charity has become obsessed and sidetracked by sex and gender issues. In the most recent diktat, we were informed that our charity is not and ‘cannot become a single-sex’ charity.”

“We had already been told that the term ‘mother’ could be a ‘roadblock’. Any attempt to question or debate these positions is hounded down as ‘harmful,'” continued the trustee. “But these are not small changes or ‘additive’ terms to our messaging: it is fundamentally problematic to delivering on our philosophy as a charity. Crucially, it is not in the interests of mothers or babies.”

The ousted trustees said in a
statement obtained by the maternity care advocacy coalition With Woman, “La Leche League (LLL) has always been about mother-to-mother support to breastfeed. Being able to provide a female-only service is fundamental to the rights, safety and wellbeing of both mothers and babies.”

“Pressure to abandon mother-only breastfeeding services has been building internationally at LLL for several years as gender-identity activism has gathered force,” continued the statement. “We are now at the point that group leaders around the world are being told they must support ‘male lactation.'”

The trustees indicated they have reached out to Britain’s Charity Commission, which regulates registered charities in England and Wales. The Critic
reported that the whistleblowers’ report claims the charity is no longer acting in the beneficiaries’ interest.

“We would like to reassure group leaders and the mothers who benefit from LLLGB’s services that we are confident the law is on our side, as mother is a sex-based term in UK law,” said the trustees.

A spokeswoman for the commission told the Telegraph, “We have received correspondence from groups of trustees, alerting us to a disagreement among the charity’s board about the way in which the charity delivers its services. We are assessing the information to determine whether this is a matter for the Commission as regulator to become involved in.”

The U.K.-based
Women’s Rights Network said in a statement, “Let’s call this what it is. An organisation helping men who want to put their nipples into babies’ mouths, an suspending six trustees who rightly object. Babies should no be used to satisfy a male fetish. We applaud the LLL6.”

It appears the LLL has been racing down the road to absurdity since at least 2020 when it
said it supported “everyone who wants to breastfeed or chestfeed in reaching their goals. We do not discriminate based on sex, gender or gender identity. Trans men, trans women and non-binary individuals may choose to breastfeed or chestfeed their babies. You do not need to have given birth to breastfeed or chestfeed, as we can also see in the experiences of those nursing adopted babies.”

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