Experts Warn U.S. Against Europe’s ‘Green’ Energy Mistakes

Experts are warning the United States of America against following Europe’s disastrous policy of dependence on expensive and unreliable “green” energy. Unfortunately, the climate alarmist Biden administration seems fully committed to importing that European crisis here.


Supposedly “green” energy is actually toxic for the environment, not to mention expensive, unreliable, and inefficient. It takes up vast amounts of land, and both solar panels and wind turbines generate a lot of toxic waste, and kill birds and whales. And there is no massive climate crisis, so there’s no need to worry about gas and oil in cars or planes. Yet Europe made the foolish decision to become increasingly dependent on “green” energy, and under the Biden administration America is headed down the same path. Experts are warning America before it’s too late.

Marc Morano, the publisher of CFACT’s, explained how terrible climate alarmism is for ordinary citizens. “Germany is leading the way making sure affordable airline travel for the public is a thing of the past. You will go nowhere and be happy. France has already banned flights of two and a half hours or less,” explained Morano. “We have climate activists clamoring for flying only when it’s ‘morally justifiable,’ during a declared ‘climate emergency.’”

He then cautioned that this issue is coming close to home: “Bloomberg News has said that cheap airline tickets will be going away due to ‘climate compliance’ regulations. Gas powered car bans, flight restrictions, our ruling class really has nothing but contempt [for] what they consider the unwashed masses.” He ended, “Make no mistake, our freedom of movement is under assault by this climate agenda.”


James Taylor, president of the Heartland Institute, highlighted how only Western nations are shooting themselves in the foot on “green” energy. “Voter rebellions throughout Europe show people will tolerate only so much expensive and pointless climate activism. European energy costs are skyrocketing while nations like China and India continue building affordable coal plants at a breathtaking pace,” he said.

Western countries are self-sabotaging to no purpose, as Asian nations make dependable energy choices. “Those nations [India and China] realize the so-called climate crisis simply doesn’t exist. China leads the world in manufacturing wind and solar equipment, but they are not stupid enough to use such expensive and unreliable equipment themselves.” That’s for short-sighted Americans and Europeans to use.

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Frank Lasee, president of Truth in Climate and Energy and a former Wisconsin state senator, also weighed in.

We should be learning the net zero lessons from Europe. These lessons teach us net zero is expensive and means less freedom for regular people. European voters are waking up to the fact they have been lied to by the climate propagandists (their politicians and leftist media). The so-called energy transition to weather dependent wind and solar is expensive and means ever increasing electric bills. The Climate meddlers are just getting warmed up. Americans should choose a different course. We need to embrace energy independence and freedom. And reject net zero Bidenomics.


PJ Media’s Chris Queen wrote back in 2022 that Europe’s disastrous green agenda fails were a cautionary tale to America. That’s more true now than ever. Europe is committing energy suicide, and the U.S. should halt before it makes the same stupid mistake.

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