The Morning Briefing: Yeah, President Joe Is Getting Dumber

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Gundmeylo preferred an occasional dash of Butterfly Weed in his morning pick-me-up.

Yeah, he’s still addled.


Like it or not, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. still holds the “President of the United States” title. There are some responsibilities that come with the office. 

None of which Prez Joe can handle. 

The man’s cognitive decline is painful for anyone to watch. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have long-lived families are aware of how things change with older relatives even in the best of circumstances. We love our elders, and we do all we can to accommodate the aging process.

Also, we wouldn’t want any of them to be the President of the United States of America.

Put mildly, the man who currently occupies the Oval Office is not doing well. That’s not a mean partisan assessment; that’s reality. 

That same man is the Democratic Party’s standard-bearer and nominee for the upcoming presidential election. In olden times, we might see the Dems boot him to the sidelines and bring in a new starting quarterback. The Party of Youth and Diversity is struggling with the fact that His High Holiness the Lightbringer Barack Obama did nothing to build up the bench and, in fact, left it bare.

So, President LOLEightyonemillion and Princess Cackles are all they have.

They know that and they’re covering for it, as Matt wrote over the weekend:

Last year, the White House quietly started using shorter stairs for Biden to board and depart Air Force One in order to reduce the risk of any embarrassing incidents. In addition to the shorter stairs, just last week it was reported that Secret Service agents are being positioned at the bottom of the stairs as an extra precaution. In March, Biden was caught wearing “maximum stability”sneakers—designed to help keep him from falling—instead of dress shoes.

But even these interventions aren’t enough. His public appearances continue to be a problem. Democrats had been hoping that Biden’s State of the Union speech would reset his campaign, but that didn’t work out as they hoped. He had a brief bump in the polls that didn’t last long, and Donald Trump appears to be pulling away again—both in national and battleground state polls.

So now Biden’s handlers have come up with a new strategy to protect Biden. According to a report from NBC News, the plan is to shorten Joe Biden’s speeches.


There’s only so much Adderall in the world, even for the most powerful man in the world. 

Biden’s handlers obviously have to do a redux of the 2020 basement campaign strategy. The problem for them now is that he has the most visible job in the world. It’s beyond impossible to tuck Joey Scranton behind the spotlight. Tucking him away is, put mildly, going to take some work. 

The obvious worrisome part of all of this is that this man is still the chief executive of the United States of America. His puppet masters can pull the strings on any commie initiatives that they want. The Legislative Branch of the government long ago ceded its responsibilities to the Executive, so Old Joe has carte blanche when it comes to running the Constitution into the ground. 

Although I do think that the Republic is teetering on the brink, I believe that it can pull itself together.

We’re gonna need a real president for that though. 

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