University Activists Were Raised in K-12 Wokeness

Many U.S. universities have become cesspools of antisemitism, racial hatred, historical ignorance, and anti-Americanism. But the Marxist corruption of the U.S. education system starts long before students reach college.


Universities are overrun by outside agitators, radical students, and leftist professors currently protesting against Israel and in support of jihad-loving Gazans. In an opinion piece for The Epoch Times, American Center for Transforming Education Director Keri D. Ingraham explained how Marxist critical theory in schools begins radicalizing and brainwashing students years before they reach undoubtedly corrupt universities and colleges.

Ingraham wrote:

Look no further than K-12 public education and even many elite private schools. In these places, children are often no longer taught respect for authority, including their parents. Nor do they learn an accurate account of historical and world news facts or the inherent dignity and worth of every person regardless of skin color, ethnic background, or religion.

Ingraham quoted the Washington Policy Center noting that critical race theory, for instance, “teaches people that their individuality is not based on their intrinsic worth as human persons, but as members of a group based on their perceived outward appearance.”

Leftists don’t want a colorblind society; that doesn’t fuel the new class war. Marxists really want children to see each other not as individuals but as representatives of certain racial groups, always and everywhere worthy of blame or praise based not on their actions but the alleged actions of their “group.” It reminds me of the song from the great 1940s musical “South Pacific” about how you have to be carefully taught to hate each other; racism is not something you inherit by birth.


For Our VIPsThe Selfish Idiocy of Modern, Woke ‘Martyrs’

Ibram X. Kendi is one particularly pernicious and popular race-baiter. Successful and courted by enthusiastic fans, Kendi still aggressively pushes the warped narrative of white = oppressor, black = oppressed without historical context or nuance. Kendi even attacks black American heroes Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington because they do not conform to Kendi’s own poisonous ideology! 

Kendi once was upset that his little toddler was fond of playing with a “white” doll, and his book “Antiracist Baby” discourages infants from not caring about people’s skin color. Yet K-12 schools love to promote Kendi’s work, as Ingraham noted:

The American Federation of Teachers, the second largest teachers union in the country, enlisted Ibram X. Kendi for its TEACH Conference and has relentlessly promoted his work and books about “anti-racism.” In 2020, public school districts nationwide began utilizing his materials in their teacher training. As just one example, Fairfax County Public Schools, the 10th largest school district in the United States, paid Mr. Kendi $20,000 for a one-hour training session and spent another $24,000 to purchase copies of his book, which became required student reading. Mr. Kendi’s teachings center on the radical assertions that “racial discrimination is not inherently racist” and “the only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination.”


And all of that is just brainwashing by critical race theory, leaving out such other woke favorites as LGBTQ ideology and climate alarmism. As Ingraham wrote, there is widespread violence and chaos in schools now because of woke ideology and social justice insanity.

The woke rot in our education system might be most obvious right now at universities, but it is everywhere in our public schools and even in many private institutions, from kindergarten all the way up through high school. Our students are being taught to hate their country and each other — they are not being educated but indoctrinated.

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