WATCH: There’s No Denying That Something Is Wrong With the President

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Social media has been abuzz for a couple of days over a bizarre moment with Joe Biden on Saturday as the press was calling out questions to him. Rather than attempt to describe the video, you can just watch it here:


It’s bizarre, to say the least, and the most common theory is that Joe Biden may have been soiling himself.

“Anyone who has parented a toddler knows exactly what’s going on here,” wrote radio host and Townhall contributor Larry O’Connor on X/Twitter.

This certainly wouldn’t be the first time Biden has been suspected of having such an accident, and I suspect it won’t be the last either. There have been concerns about his advanced age have been for some time now, and polls show bipartisan majorities think he’s too old, It’s by no means out of the realm of possibility that Joe Biden suffers from incontinence, but is that actually what’s happening here?

But one user offers another theory.

While I can’t verify this woman’s credentials, I decided to look up “dementia posturing” to see what I could find.

According to VeryWellHealth, “Different types of dementia can affect gait and posture. You may observe this as hesitant steps, difficulty with visuospatial tasks such as going up and down stairs, or challenges with balance. As dementia progresses into the later stages, the majority of the person’s functioning declines.” 


That sounds pretty spot on. But as for “dementia posturing,” I wanted to find out more.

“Dementia posturing refers to the changes in posture that may result from the onset of dementia,” explains MedicalNewsToday. “According to the Alzheimer’s Society, those with Lewy body dementia experience movement difficulties, such as changes to their posture, that progress over time.”

Posture refers to how the body positions itself when sitting and standing and how a person moves overall. Static posture refers to how a person holds themselves while standing or sitting. Many things can affect posture over time, such as excessive sitting in certain chairs or carrying heavy loads on the back.

Lewy body dementia is a type of dementia in which abnormal protein deposits reside in the brain, resulting in changes in thinking, movement, behavior, and mood. It can affect the posture by:

  • stiffening and slowing the movement of limbs and causing trembling
  • weakening the posture, resulting in a stooping back
  • causing shuffling when walking
  • causing difficulty in maintaining balance

Well, it’s definitely a thing.

I’m certainly not qualified to make or confirm the diagnosis, but it’s hard to deny that Joe Biden exhibits the symptoms. On top of that, we know that his handlers have sought to shield him from the view of the press when he walks to and from Marine One, and they’ve opted to use short stairs for boarding and deplaning Air Force One. And then there’s the special stabilizing shoes.


Does the White House think it can cover up the truth until November?

Of course, the mainstream media won’t even bother asking the important questions. We will. Of course, reporting such things and asking questions that the media doesn’t want us to know the answers to puts us at great risk. 

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