Are You Not Entertained? Stormy Comes to Celebrate Trump ‘Humiliation Ritual’ in NYC Court

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One of the stars of the Donald Trump humiliation ritual in a New York City courtroom has come to add a little T and A to a bookkeeping trial. What is the former adult movie copulator doing in this Manhattan courtroom? Was she a T and A CPA on the side all this time without us knowing and came to provide expert testimony? Was she the campaign finance expert whom the judge has allowed as an expert after disemboweling Trump’s choice? The answer is clear.


After letting trial out early on Monday after prosecutors assured the judge they needed to stretch out their case at least another two weeks because they had so much evidence to present in this bookkeeping case, their next move was to start Tuesday’s testimony with Stormy Daniels, the former porn performer.

Daniels is the woman who signed a nondisclosure agreement with then-Trump attorney Michael Cohen to stay quiet about her allegations of a tryst with Donald Trump. She said that she’d never had a relationship with Trump and was doing appearances when she met him. 

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She later broke the agreement but has never been brought up on extortion or contractual charges, for when you are helpful in humiliating Orange Man Bad, you are considered an asset to the left.

Former District of Columbia U.S. Attorney, Joe diGenova, put it this way.

This isn’t really a trial, what’s going on in New York. It has all the accoutrements of a trial…it has a fake jury, it has a fake judge. It has a real prosecutor, it has a real defendant. What it doesn’t have is real law and a real case. This is an embarrassment to the judicial process in New York, but that seems to bother no one in New York—neither the New York Times, the New York State Bar, nor the New York judicial system. 


He told WMAL that if observers were unclear before this that this wasn’t a serious case then testimony this week should settle the questions once and for all. “This is a smear job,” he says 

What this trial is not about is actually pursuing a decision about the law. This is an effort to do many things but none of them are related to the law. It’s an effort to keep Donald Trump off the campaign trail. It is an effort to smear him, and besmirch him, and hurt him politically by putting on witnesses and ideas that do not violate state law or even federal law. So what this is about is lawfare as we’ve come to know it which is the use of the law to destroy human beings, not to pursue the goals of the judicial system which is to objectively find out what happened in a given situation. 

Former federal prosecutor and Fox News legal analyst Andy McCarthy said Stormy Daniels’s testimony has nothing to do with the charges in the trial.  But as we explained before, it’s prosecutors are alleging without charging a conspiracy in the case, and “telling a story” is all they’ve got. 

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He said, “Everything important, if there is anything important about this absurd case, has little to do with her.”


A woman identified as Kason Draw has been in the courtroom every day. She’s just some gal who likes Trump and thought he might need a friend in the courtroom, and he certainly does. She said this trial isn’t a trial so much as it is a “humiliation ritual.” 

I have never seen antics like what I’m witnessing in that courtroom. It’s a humiliation ritual. It’s so sad what they are doing to him and to his family and to the American people. What I can say for sure about everything that is taking place is President Trump is right on in calling it a show trial. This is, they’ve weaponized the judicial system. Every system has been weaponized against anybody who would dare to stand up against the system and do something different. They want to bully and shame people into submission. 


Watch her for yourself.

This may be the only chance that the lawfare left will get to attempt to Get Trump before the election. They’re throwing everything they’ve got at it. This trial isn’t a trial, it’s a humiliation ritual. It’s the left’s two minutes of hate. 

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