Is Trump turning against Israel to distance himself from genocide and ICC arrest warrants, or is it all a ruse?

Is Trump turning against Israel to distance himself from genocide and ICC arrest warrants, or is it all a ruse?

If reelected, President Donald Trump says he will consider cutting aid to Israel in order to put an end to the war in Gaza.

Just days after expressing support for the new Israeli aid package passed by Congress, Trump is now speaking out of the other side of his mouth concerning how he would try to bring peace the Middle East.

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After earlier being one of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s best buds, Trump now says the Zionist leader and his military (IDF) are bungling the war on Hamas (Trump is doing the same thing with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis whom he sometimes hates and sometimes loves).

“I think that Israel has done one thing very badly: public relations,” Trump commented during an interview with TIME magazine, adding that Israel needs to “finish up [its] war” soon before it loses any more international support.

In other words, Trump seems to be saying that he wants Netanyahu to finish the genocide more quickly so it can get out of the news cycle as opposed to chastising Israel for committing it in the first place – what do you think?

Trump speaks with a forked tongue

When asked by TIME if he would consider withdrawing aid to Israel to stop the war himself, Trump seemed to indicate that he might before launching into a critique of Netanyahu.

“I had a bad experience with Bibi,” Trump said, using informal language to refer to Netanyahu, before explaining that Netanyahu promised, but then backed out, of taking part in the January 2020 U.S. airstrike that killed Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani.

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“That was something I never forgot,” Trump said about the incident, stating that it “showed me something.”

Trump also took aim at the way Netanyahu handled the October 7 attack from the beginning, stating to TIME that Bibi “rightfully has been criticized for what took place on October 7.”

“And I think it’s had a profound impact on him, despite everything, because people said that shouldn’t have happened.”

Israel, Trump continued, has “the most sophisticated equipment,” adding that “everything was there to stop that” – so why did October 7 even happen at all, Trump seems to be asking.

“And a lot of people knew about it, you know, thousands and thousands of people knew about it, but Israel didn’t know about it, and I think he’s being blamed for that very strongly.”

On the one hand, it seems like Trump is opposed to what Netanyahu is doing right now in response to October 7 by killing tens of thousands of Palestinian people, most of them women and children. On the other, it almost seems like he’s more concerned about the bad press Israel is getting for it rather than the genocide itself.

Keep in mind that during his White House tenure, Trump was referred to by many as “history’s most pro-Israel U.S. president.” He did so much for the Zionist state, in fact, that he had a coin minted after him in Israel, which sent strong antichrist vibes.

On the other hand, Trump appears to be hated by at least some Zionists, unless that’s part of the ruse. What do you think about Trump these days? Let us know below.

“Trump already proved that he is completely ‘Israel’-first,” is one commenter’s opinion over at RT. “He’s just trying to trick people into voting for him, then he’ll betray them again.”

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