NPR sent an ACORN alum to write a hit piece on us

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We sat down for an interview on May 2 with one of NPR’s most recent hires, Jude Joffe-Block. The purpose of the conversation was to discuss our bombshell story, which exposed flyers encouraging illegal aliens to vote for Joe Biden at an invasion staging camp in Mexico. The meeting was only conducted after a written agreement that it would be recorded. NPR now refuses to share the interview recording. Here’s why.

Joffe-Block attempted to question the authenticity of the flyer using the same extreme talking points already employed by the New York Times, pushing the regime media agenda and gaslighting the public by acting like the invasion at the U.S.-Mexico border is not a threat. We easily debunked these points by pointing to additional evidence we had on the matter, including a sworn statement under the penalty of perjury.

How could someone who worked for an organization rife with corruption remain so skeptical about the possibility of voter fraud elsewhere?

We asked Joffe-Block whether she was concerned about illegal aliens voting in elections. That should have been a softball, but she refused to answer the question. Throughout the interview, Joffe-Block maintained the position that she could not understand the link between mass illegal immigration and the potential for widespread voter fraud, even after we laid out the feverish efforts of some left-wing activists to maintain vulnerabilities to our election systems so that illegal aliens can more easily vote.

The most shocking part of the interview was when we questioned Joffe-Block about her past affiliation with the defunct left-wing organization known as ACORN. When asked whether she used to work for ACORN and whether she helped register illegal aliens to vote, Joffe-Block admitted that she had worked with ACORN to register voters but then went silent and abruptly ended the meeting.

We had obviously touched a nerve.

ACORN was a corrupt left-wing organization that championed causes such as affordable housing and voter registration. It was shut down after it was caught on tape giving advice on how to commit tax fraud and even helped set up underage prostitution rings.

ACORN was accused of engaging in voter registration fraud during the lead-up to the 2008 presidential election. The organization faced allegations including submitting duplicate registrations and falsifying information, such as registering fictional characters like Mickey Mouse and Dallas Cowboys players. The group’s endorsement of Barack Obama raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest and favoritism, especially since Obama had a prior legal connection with the group. Finally, multiple ACORN workers across multiple states were convicted of voter fraud. This further fueled suspicion about the credibility of individuals associated with the organization.

How could someone who worked for an organization rife with corruption remain so skeptical about the possibility of voter fraud elsewhere? How could she be assigned to cover a story about voter fraud? Moreover, if Joffe-Block doesn’t actually support illegal aliens voting, why did she refuse to say so?

It’s impossible not to suspect she knows perfectly well that illegal aliens are being guided to the polls by ACORN’s successors on both sides of the border and is happy to stay silent about it.

However, given the recent accusations of bias at NPR, demonstrated by Uri Berliner’s resignation attesting to the outlet’s prolific left-liberal slant, Joffe-Block’s suspicious behavior should not come as a surprise. The allegations are so serious that NPR CEO Katherine Maher has been requested to appear before the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations for a hearing on Wednesday to explain her organization’s policies.

But we don’t need to wait. We already have all the information we need. Because if NPR was unbiased, it would release the full recording of our interview. Of course, it can’t do that because the video recording would show exactly how radical its reporters are.

Worse still, NPR is a publicly funded organization. So, Jude Joffe-Block and her superiors aren’t simply being bad journalists, they’re betraying their duty as public servants while pocketing your tax dollars.

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