PLUMMETING birth rates keep Elon Musk up at night

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How do we solve the crises that are currently burdening America?

While Dave Rubin knows there are “some political ways,” like how “a certain orange man would be better than a certain man with dementia,” there are some more important, more tangible ways that are in your control.

“It’s find a mate and have a family. Start the basic building blocks of society, bottom up. The way your parents did it and your grandparents did it,” Rubin explains, adding, “the way civilization has done it for millennia.”

“If you start building a good family, you might be able to save civilization,” he says, and he’s not alone in his belief.

Elon Musk
recently explained a similar concept to the Milken Institute after being asked what brings him joy and what keeps him up at night.

“I probably get the most joy from my kids, and I’m not saying that’s the reason to have kids because we should have them anyway, but certainly kids are the greatest source of joy in my life,” he answered.

“In terms of what keeps me up at night, I guess it’s anything that’s, like, I think a civilizational risk,” he said, adding, “The birth rates continuing to plummet. I do think about the birth rates plummeting as being a civilizational risk.”

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