The Democrats’ anti-Semitic campaign in the US

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As anti-America and anti-Israel chants took over the Quds Day rally in Dearborn, Michigan, the extremist influence in our nation has been revealed.

“If you hate America, you hate Israel. If you hate Israel, you hate America. The reason is simply because they both are built on Western principles, the Judeo-Christian ethics and morality. So, they must be destroyed for Marx and his ideology to succeed,” Levin explains.

Levin believes that Marxism and Islamism are fusing after relating to each other on the basis that they hate everything America and Israel stand for — and it’s great for the Democrat Party.

“These are the voters that Joe is counting on to win Michigan and Minnesota and New Jersey,” Levin says. “These are the people who Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are relying on and responding to in their massive anti-Israel, and I might add anti-Semitic, campaign against the Israelis.”

Not only are they relying on the votes of these extremists, they’re funding the creation of them on college campuses.

“You can see the poison spreading in our streets. Little kristallnachts going on all over the country now, against synagogues, against Jewish people. And I might add now, Christian people,” Levin says.

Meanwhile, the rallies in Dearborn feature chants like “Death to America,” which the media has entirely ignored.

“If this was some other ethnic religious group making these statements and urging violent overthrow of the United States, it sees no time on MSNBC or CNN, it gets very little coverage in the rest of the Democrat Party media, and Joe Biden hasn’t said a damn thing about it,” Levin says.

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