American media censors the HORRORS of October 7 as Joe Biden funds their creator

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If you turn on the news, you’ll see constant video footage of the destruction in Gaza — but the news will never show the horrific crimes that occurred on October 7.

“The American media are censoring what took place on October 7,” Mark Levin explains, adding, “it’s being covered up.”

“Why? Because they’re graphic beyond comprehension. They’re unimaginable. And yet in doing so, they’re giving aid and comfort to the terrorists, to Iran, to Hamas, to Hezbollah, to the Houthis, to the PLO. They’re giving aid and comfort to the Islamists in the United States of America and their front organizations,” he adds.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden continues to refuse to stand up for Israel.

“Antony Blinken and he have stirred anti-Semitism not only in this country but around the world with the blood libels they have used to accuse Netanyahu and his government, the Israeli, and the IDF. The forces of righteousness and the forces of self-defense,” Levin says.

And Levin isn’t so sure this is just incompetence or stupidity on their part.

“October 7 was led by Iran, but it was funded by the Biden-Blinken administration by lifting restrictions that had been placed on them by Donald Trump,” he explains, adding, “Funneling a hundred billion dollars into that regime so it could rearm itself, arm Hamas and the others.”

“Weakness, appeasement, intentional funding of the enemy. We didn’t even see this in World War II.”

“Joe has to play with the Hamas wing of his party. The dark money billionaires that are funding all this, that’s Joe Biden. He’s a chameleon; he’s power hungry; he wants money,” Levin says.

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