Are you really better off? Get ready for the Biden reckoning

Are you better off now than you were, say, five years ago? Is our country better than it was five years ago? These are the questions that really matter heading into the November election. If we judged the state of the nation solely by what Joe Biden says, we would think we are living in the greatest years of American history. The economy is booming. Jobs are up. Diversity is on the rise. We can’t let Donald Trump come back and ruin all the incredible things Biden has accomplished.

Has that been your experience? These politicians govern at your consent, and we are the ones who must live downstream from Washington, D.C.’s effects while the political elites shield themselves from their own policies. What kind of a report card would you give our leaders for the past five years?

Do you want another four years of our current path? If so, there’s a reckoning coming. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Are we more stable than we were five years ago? Is the world closer to world peace or closer to world war — or even nuclear war? Are we more respected in the world today than we were five years ago? Do our foreign adversaries fear us more or less? Is our military more or less prepared for a major war? These foreign policy questions should concern you.

Our problems don’t stop with our international reputation, however. What about the challenges in our own backyard? Are our streets safer than they were five years ago? Are police more respected? If someone commits a crime, are they more or less likely to go to jail? Do you have more trust or less trust in our justice system?

If you don’t trust the justice system, the police, or the government, where or to whom will you go when you have a problem? It used to be that you could go to the media. The media would expose the bad guys, and the government would intervene and take care of it. If the bad guys were the government, then the people would take care of business. Do you have more faith in the government or the media to have your back than you did five years ago?

High inflation forever

Then there is our fiscal policy — or lack thereof. Do you have trust that our Treasury and our Federal Reserve have your best interest at heart? Is inflation better or worse than it was five years ago? Do you know our new target for inflation is now 3%? That means the target is 3% of additional inflation every single year.

Inflation doesn’t reverse. A drop in inflation doesn’t mean prices have gone down. It means that the growth of price increases has slowed. That means the Federal Reserve’s goal is to have inflation increase 3% per year. Are you on board with that? How about its track record so far? Over the last three years, official inflation was around 12%. It’s probably closer to 20% in reality. If all goes according to plans, inflation will be at least 15% higher by the time the next president’s term ends. Is that in the right direction?

Are gas prices better or worse than they were five years ago? How about the cost of insurance? Is it easier or harder for you to find a house? From your mortgage rate to your grocery bill, I think the answer is clear.

Let’s consider the future we are building for our children. Do you feel our children are more or less safe in their schools than they were five years ago? It was about three years ago when we started finding critical race theory and diversity, equity, and inclusion indoctrination in our kids’ classrooms. Has that given you more or less confidence in your kids’ school? Are our children better educated now than they were five years ago? Are our children more stable mentally than they were before this woke agenda erupted into the open?

Change course or fail

I can’t think of a category that has gotten better. Can you? Every category doesn’t point to health, growth, or flourishing in any way, shape, or form.

A reckoning is coming. When our country goes this far off from securing your freedom and the fundamentals of our Bill of Rights, a reckoning is inevitable. It’s like telling your kids that they’re getting bad grades in school and warning them that they are going to flunk if they don’t change course. You can offer to help. You can get them a tutor. But if your kid does not change, the time will come when it’s too late. They’re going to fail.

That’s a reckoning, and it’s a natural response to harmful ideas being implemented constantly and without any regard to consequences or any thought of changing course. Until we change our ways, the reckoning will come, and it will be devastating. Right now, we’re just moving the chairs on the deck of the Titanic. We can discuss symptomatic issues all the while heading straight for the iceberg. If we don’t change, we will crash.

November is the opportunity for us to change the leadership that has been leading us down our current course. Do you want another four years of our current path? If so, there’s a reckoning coming. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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