Boy Scouts go WOKE to cover up 83,000 SEXUAL misconduct lawsuits

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The Boy Scouts of America is no longer the image of Americana innocence — and it now seems that it never actually was in the first place.

The organization has announced that it is now changing its name to “Scouting America” in order to promote inclusivity and explore diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

“Can I remind America that this is an organization that has 83,000 lawsuits against them for sexual misconduct on young boys?” Jaco Booyens asks, adding, “We’re just going to change the name and welcome more dysfunction, because we are welcoming more dysfunction.”

“So, if you’re thinking of your son being in the Boy Scouts — it hasn’t existed for a long time. Pull them out. Pull them out of public school, pull them out of the Boy Scouts,” Booyens says.

The organization has also apparently sought bankruptcy protection because of all the lawsuits against it, and it had a reorganization plan that allowed it to continue its programs while compensating all of the victims.

“You have all of these people who are coming forward with these claims, which clearly have merit to them, and everyone’s just like, ‘Yeah, it’s fine, you can exist. In fact, just rename yourself Scouting America so that you can just completely hide behind that,’” Sara Gonzales says angrily.

“It should be called ‘Pedophiles Scouting America,’” Booyens chimes in.

Matthew Marsden agrees, noting that this is “the degradation of our youth, especially young men.”

“The Boy Scouts was there to prepare you to be a man,” Marsden says. “Of course, the allegations of abuse are really serious, but this a deeper thing to emasculate young men and to take away their manliness. This is what it’s about, really, to raise a generation of wimps.”

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