TPUSA Frontlines Reporter Violently Attacked by Antifa Militants at Charlie Kirk Event at University of Washington in Seattle (VIDEO)


A TPUSA Frontlines reporter was violently attacked by far-left Antifa militants in Seattle on Tuesday afternoon.

Antifa called in reinforcements to disrupt TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk’s “Prove Me Wrong” tabling event at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Charlie Kirk held a Q&A session before the main event which was sold out.


TPUSA Frontlines reporter Jonathan Choe and his security were violently attacked by Antifa militants.

The security guard was left bloodied. Police arrived on the scene.

The Antifa militants were near the pro-Hamas encampment on campus.


Jonathan Choe said he filed multiple police reports.

“An Antifa mob and their soy boyfriends tried to corner me and my crew. They always send the skinniest dudes or the most overweight activists in my direction,” Jonathan Choe said.

Antifa goons roamed around on the outskirts of the event to intimidate conservatives.

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