TRUMP and 4 ‘well-recognized’ figures in mysterious SECOND EPSTEIN black book

A second “black book” that contains names and numbers of clientele belonging to the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is about to be put up for auction — and Glenn Beck might just add it to his collection.

“I collect American history, and I collect it to preserve it. And I want to tell the whole story of American history. The good and the bad,” Glenn explains.

This is not the book Epstein had when he died but rather a book from around the year 2000 that he had lost. It was found in New York and has been verified as his handwriting and his book.

The person who had found it had reportedly put it in a box and left it in a storage unit before eventually bringing it to Alexander Historical Auctions.

“They put it up with unredacted names and numbers. You can’t see it, you can go and visit the book if you’re interested in buying it and look through it. You can’t take pictures of it or anything else,” Glenn says.

The book will reportedly go for between $100,000 and $200,000.

Each of the entries vary in length from only a few lines to over 10 or 15 lines or more and also each has several more names included. Additionally, 94 names bare black, hand-applied check marks, five have been highlighted in yellow.

All five of those names are “well-recognized financial and industrial figures,” and apparently, one of those names is Donald Trump.

While Glenn is interested, he’s more curious to know whether “this is a big thing just at the time” or whether it will aid in finding out whether Epstein “was an operative for our government or other governments.”

Stu Burguiere
believes Glenn should place a bid.

“My instinct is yes, you should bid on it,” he tells Glenn. “Part of your mission statement over there is to preserve history that will be erased, and man, the Epstein thing falls directly in that category.”

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