CBS Is The Only Network To Cover Denial of Hunter Biden Dismissal Motion

n a normal world with normal media, breaking developments on the legal woes of the son of the sitting President of the United States would draw significant coverage. But we neither live in normal times nor have a normal media. 

Therefore, the decision issued by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals upholding District Judge Noreika’s denial of a motion to dismiss drew minimal coverage, and only on the CBS Evening News. Watch the full report, as aired on Thursday, May 9th, 2024:   

NORAH O’DONNELL: The trial against Hunter Biden on federal gun charges is on track to begin next month after a federal appeals court declined to dismiss those charges today. Hunter Biden is accused of falsifying a federal firearms form, and illegal possession of a firearm while using a narcotic. The president’s son also faces federal tax charges in California, and is scheduled to stand trial later in June. He has pleaded not guilty in both cases.

It goes without saying that if it were Donald Trump, Jr. who got busted on gun charges, the charges being falsely affirming one is not a drug addict on ATF 4473 for purposes of a gun purchase while smoking industrial amounts of crack, then the coverage would be significant and constant- on the gun charges, on Burisma, on everything. 

CBS only mustered a scant 26 seconds on the matter but it was still 26 seconds more than ABC and NBC, which didn’t even bother to cover the story. Again, if it were Don, Jr. 

Here’s some of the detail missing from CBS’s teeny-tiny report, via Politico:

A federal judge in Delaware denied Hunter Biden’s bid to throw out his felony gun charges on Thursday, rejecting arguments from the president’s son that the federal prohibition on owning guns while using illegal drugs is unconstitutional under the Second Amendment.

Separately, a federal appeals court panel ruled against Biden earlier Thursday in another bid to have the charges against him tossed. The two decisions appear to clear the way for his case to head to trial on June 3, though his defense team can still pursue further appeals.

Last year, Biden was charged with illegally buying a gun while using illegal drugs and with lying on a government form about his drug use when he made the purchase –– two separate criminal charges. Special counsel David Weiss alleges that Biden bought a gun in October 2018, a time when he was frequently using crack cocaine. Biden has spoken publicly about his struggles with drug addiction.

CBS doesn’t even mention the district court denial of Hunter Biden’s Bruen defense against the gun charges, which puts many Second Amendment advocates in the unusual position of being sympathetic to the younger Biden. 

The Regime Media only managed to muster a grand total of 26 seconds on Hunter Biden. If it weren’t for CBS, there’d be none at all.

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