House passes bill to add citizenship question to census to stop illegal aliens from distorting congressional representation

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On Wednesday, House Republicans passed a bill that would add a citizenship question to the census and thereby prevent illegal aliens from impacting redistricting and Electoral College apportionment, the New York Post reported.

The Equal Representation Act passed in a 206-202 vote without any Democratic support. Introduced by Rep. Chuck Edwards (R-Ill.), the bill has more than 100 cosponsors.

States reevaluate their congressional map each decade, losing or gaining seats based on census population data.

“One of the great scandals in American history,” Miller remarked.

“Including the count of non-U.S. citizens in determining how many congressional seats and electoral votes each state has is skewing the representation of Americans in their federal government,” Edwards stated.

“The mere presence of illegal immigrants in the U.S. is influencing electoral outcomes, and the Equal Representation Act that the House passed would protect our democracy by making sure that American citizens – and American citizens only – have a say in determining the direction of our country,” he added.

Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.) hosted a live Spaces discussion Thursday afternoon on X to discuss the bill’s passage in the House. He was joined by Stephen Miller, the founder of America First Legal and former senior advisor to President Donald Trump.

“They’re doing this for power,” Hagerty said of the Democrats who voted against the bill and have supported mass illegal immigration through the southern border. He explained that sanctuary cities “act as magnets” for illegal aliens to “dilute voters” in states like Tennessee.

“What the bill requires is a citizenship question on the census and it will prohibit counting illegal aliens for the purpose of apportioning Congressional seats and electoral votes by states,” Hagerty stated. “It really gets at the [motive] behind the crime that’s taking place at our southern border.”

“[Democrats are] doing this for power. They’re doing this to preserve power in many cases because when you think about the exodus from these blue states that are so poorly run, those citizens are leaving. They’re moving to states like mine in Tennessee. As those states lose legitimate legal population, one alternative is to backfill that with folks that are here illegally. And if you think about where the Democrats have situated their sanctuary cities, in states like California, Illinois, New York — where they’re losing population,” Hagerty explained.

Miller called the attempt to dilute political power “one of the great scandals in American history.”

He said, “Every single Senate Democrat, every single one, including people who have pretended falsely to be moderates … voted to say, ‘I want illegal aliens in California to dilute the political power of Montana citizens. I want more congressional seats in California representing illegal aliens. I want more electoral power in the electoral college for illegal aliens in California.’”

“The Democratic Party is completely committed through the proposition that their political future rests on filling the country up with illegals,” Miller added.

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