Morning Joe Expert: Stormy Daniels’ Testimony Hands Defense ‘Major Issue’ For Appeal

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Danny Cevallos MSNBC Morning Joe 5/8/24 MSNBC legal analyst Danny Cevallos has once again proven himself to be an independent thinker, someone who calls them as he sees them and doesn’t dutifully toe the liberal media line.

In the past, we’ve noted Cevallos saying that Roe was ripe to be overturned, because there was no constitutional basis for it. More recently, he called a Hunter Biden plea deal not merely a sweetheart deal, but a “gift from Heaven.”

Cevallos was back at his iconoclastic truth-telling on today’s Morning Joe. He repeatedly called Stormy Daniels’ testimony in Donald Trump’s hush money trial a “major issue” available to the defense for the appeal of any possible conviction, which could lead to it being overturned. The notion was that her testimony was excessively prejudicial to Trump. Cevallos analogized the situation to the recent overturning of one of Harvey Weinstein’s convictions on the grounds that overly prejudicial testimony had been admitted.

Cevallos mentioned that even though trial judge Juan Merchan had rejected a defense motion for a mistrial based on Daniels’ testimony, he did acknowledge that some of her testimony perhaps should not have been allowed. Said Cevallos: “If you’re a defense attorney, you’re marking your notebook, and now you have your first major issue.” Concluded Cevallos:

Concluded Cevallos:

“So if two years from now, we’re back here saying, the conviction got overturned: this is terrible! Well, this might be what we look at. And we can say, well, the prosecution took a calculated risk, and it’s yielded benefits in the last 24 hours. But maybe in a couple years, those benefits will not have been worth the risk.       

Bonus Coverage: Scarborough Bigfoots Mika Again — And Again!

Amid a press report that Mika is fed up with the incessant interruptions of Joe Scarborogh — her husband co-host — Scarborough was back at his bigfooting of Mika in the very first minute of today’s show. It was clear from Mika’s facial expression and body language that she was not pleased. Mika even emitted a “wow” in reaction to Joe’s rude recidivism.

Scarborough acknowledged that his latest interruption was sure to incite lots of email criticism. And despite asking Mika to forgive him, just three minutes later Scarborough cut Mika off yet again!

Mika has forged a side career based on her “Know Your Value” books and conferences. The notion is to encourage and empower women to stick up for themselves in their careers. So, not a good look for Mika to permit herself to be regularly trampled by Bully Boy Scarborough. 

View Rude Joe in action here.

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