Oregon School Literally Compares Trump to Hitler

I know this is Oregon, specifically the Tigard Tualatin School District outside Portland, so it should not be surprising, but in the words of Joe Biden, “Come on, man.”


My favorite X account, Libs of TikTok, recently explained how a lesson plan for learning about Nazi Germany and the Holocaust at Twality Middle School involved asking students who said four different quotes: former President Donald Trump or Adolf Hitler.

The Hitler quotes are ones about how he had “no desire to give comfort to the churchgoers, the believers in democracy, the crooked-legged Jew vermin” and another where he said, “A state which in this age of racial poisoning dedicates itself to the care of its best racial elements must someday become lord of the earth.” 

The Trump quotes were about “radical left thugs who live like vermin” and illegals “poisoning the blood of our country,” remarks he has made before. However, I am surprised they did not throw in every Trump line the left has wailed and gnashed their teeth over since he first descended that gold escalator in 2015, whether it was about “grabbing women” or the March “bloodbath” quote, although they would probably include far more from Trump than old Adolf.


Regardless, much like the school assignment in California that I covered back in April, as Libs of TikTok noted, “the exercise is clearly used to guide students to draw certain conclusions.”

That one involved an assignment asking students to explain how Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) respected people’s rights because he legalized same-sex marriage in San Francisco while serving as its mayor. The idea is that because Newsom respects people’s rights, he is good.

Coming back to Oregon, the video further compared the removal of obscene and inappropriate books from schools—like “Lily and Dunkin,” “Gender Queer,” or any other books that not even the Marquis de Sade would think to show kids—with the Nazis burning books.

The rationale was that kids were having difficulty understanding why the rest of Germany stood by and did not try to prevent the Holocaust.

Obviously, the subtext of this lesson was that Donald Trump would do something similar should he return to the White House in November.

The worst part was that the school community relations manager, Lisa Burton, did admit that the lesson was biased, yet the school district takes its anti-bias policy “very seriously.”

Do you, Tigard Tualatin? Do you really?

Whether or not the higher-ups intentionally let it slide or were unaware (though likely the former) is debatable; this is just another example of how public schools have become indoctrination centers for our nation’s kids, almost like the janissary system under the Ottoman Empire.


If you need a refresher on that, janissaries were household troops of the Ottoman sultans who, for centuries, were mostly Balkan and Caucasian Christians forcibly converted to Islam as boys to the point of requiring celibacy and feared for their combat prowess.

The only real difference is that rather than proper soldiers, leftists are raising the children of their despised constituents into rioters.

Of course, we are also seeing an equivalent to the kocekler, effeminate boys who basically did drag shows, in the prevalence of our kids being groomed into transitioning. 

The modern push to trans kids is even more disturbing, as I recently wrote about the harrowing case of Shelia Bucher’s adopted daughter Anne, who was convinced she was a boy named Felix, cut herself almost to death eight times, and gave herself a Glasgow grin.

For Our VIPs: Idaho Mom Describes How School Groomed Her Daughter to Be Trans

At least the Ottomans were worthy opponents to Christendom.

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