Toto Recall: Biden bashing in, Hamas hating still out

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Some of the juiciest stories happen in the backyard of “Saturday Night Live.” It’s the Big Apple, and there’s never a dull moment.

Consider privileged college students trashing a campus building in between chanting for violence against Jews.

It’s a truth-to-power moment for the Not Ready for Prime Time Players! (That’s the name given to the show’s wild and crazy cast in the ‘70s.)

Not exactly.

“SNL” brewed the weakest comic tea possible out of the Columbia U protests. The show’s latest cold open followed three parents conflicted about the raging pro-Palestinian protests.

Show stalwart Kenan Thompson drew a few smiles through sheer force of will. The city’s sizable Jewish population, alas, likely wasn’t amused. Nor was anyone else.

Later, during the “Weekend Update” segment, coanchor Michael Che clucked his tongue over the Columbia U violence-a-palooza.

Hey, it’s not happening in their studio, right?

Add it all together, and it’s the perfect symbol of “SNL” betraying its once-great legacy.

Jon Stewart as … a broken clock

Jon Stewart told the truth again. He must want an early exit from his “Daily Show” gig.

The far-left comedian riffed on President Joe Biden during a Netflix comedy special, and he couldn’t hold back about the aging leader’s, well, age.

“I’m not saying that Biden can’t contribute to society, he just shouldn’t be president.”

Whenever Stewart steps a toe off the progressive plantation, he gets an earful. Remember the outrage when he said the COVID-19 virus likely came from … the Wuhan Lab experimenting with viruses?

He’ll get more not-so-friendly fire again and likely revert to his “Orange Man Bad” playbook.

Kristen Stewart is … box-office poison

Kristen Stewart loves making movies no one wants to see. Her 2020 thriller “Underwater” barely drew a crowd. Neither did “Spencer” (2021) or “Crimes of the Future” (2022). She followed them up with this year’s “Love Lies Bleeding.” The grind-house thriller leaned hard into its lesbian sex scenes, keeping some folks away.

Then, she pouted to the press that people were offended by her “racy” lesbian photo spread, even though she seemed like the only person paying attention to it.

Voila! The film earned a pathetic $8.3 million earlier this year.

Now, she’s vowing to scare away even more fans with her next project. Her directorial debut, “The Chronology of Water,” features “incest and periods and a woman violently repossessing her voice and body,” she told the press.

Yes, she admits audiences want to see “Jesus and dogs” on screen, but her inner artist demands more.

A few more flops, and she’ll don a chastity belt and beg for a “Twilight” reunion.

Michael Rapaport risks ‘safety’

If Robert De Niro roasts Donald Trump for the 14th time in a week, it makes all the news outlets. Reporters can’t get enough of it, and they’ll share the quotes far and wide.

If a Jewish star’s freedom of speech gets squelched? Crickets.

Actor-turned-comic Michael Rapaport learned that lesson. The “Beautiful Girls” alum’s stand-up gig got canceled over the proverbial heckler’s veto. Rapaport is both Jewish and a staunch defender of Israel. That makes him a ripe target for today’s “Pro-Palestinian” mobs, who try to silence him at every turn.

Shockingly, said mob failed to do so a few weeks ago in Portland. His luck ran out in Madison, Wisconsin.

The reason? “Safety concerns.” AKA the “heckler’s veto” on steroids.

Rapaport joins a growing list of Jewish artists canceled for their views. Author/actor Brett Gelman of “Stranger Things” fame saw several bookstore appearances canceled this year. Jewish musician Matisyahu faced similar repercussions despite his peaceful mien.

If Rapaport wants to draw attention to his plight, he better start teeing off on Trump. Except that may not happen, either. The dedicated Trump critic says he might just vote for him come November thanks to our feckless current leader.

The best news of the week? Disney CEO Bob Iger announces we’ll only get two to three woke superhero films a year, down from a brief high of four.

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