Trump’s trials BACKFIRING, could help him WIN the 2024 election

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While the multiple legal trials former President Donald Trump is facing are hurting his ability to campaign, they may not be hurting his chances at winning.

Rather, Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) believes that they might be helping.

“It is highlighting, I think, how corrupt the justice system has gotten in certain parts of our country,” Vance says.

“You have the number three person at Biden’s DOJ, who jumps ship and goes and joins a local prosecutor’s office to participate in this. By the way, he’s also, it turns out, a DNC paid consultant,” Vance explains.

“Then, you have a Soros-funded prosecutor who brings the case. It’s being presided over by a literal campaign donor to Biden-Harris, who is preventing Donald Trump from even speaking on the merits of the case in the court of public opinion,” he continues.

While this is all egregious, Vance believes the obvious corruption is “really helping Trump politically.”

“Which, again, I think is all that matters because most people who have any sense of fairness recognize that this is a sham trial and so long as it’s helping Trump get elected, I think that’s the thing that matters most,” he adds.

Glenn Beck
is in agreement, noting that Trump has been choosing his words wisely during this unprecedented political persecution as well.

“Frankly our Constitution is much more important than jail,” Trump said to press in the Manhattan courthouse. “It’s not even close. I’ll do that sacrifice any day.”

Glenn believes this might be “the line of the year,” calling it a “strong, strong stance.”

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